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A philosophy programme about how groups in our society, like environmentalists, try to influence the majority in order to gain political power.
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Module code and title: A103, An introduction to the humanities
Item code: A103; 11
First transmission date: 02-10-1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:24:00
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video A103/9,10,11,12. Programme also used for AZX103/11
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Producer: Jenny Bardwell
Contributors: Tony Benn; Susan James; Neil MacCormick; Derek Matravers; Mark Philp
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Debate; Democracy; Demonstrations; Greenham Common; House of Commons; Parliament; Representation; Smokers; SNP; The Social Contract
Footage description: Footage - Demonstrator up a tree, Newbury. Citizen Smith. Protestors. Peter Boddington outside court smoking. Bagpipe player (0'25"-1'15") - Portrait of JJ Rousseau by Ramsey (2'19"-2'37") - Marchers and placards. Extract from The Social Contract (3'10"-3'44") - Aerial of Greenham Common, 1982. Women with "No Cruise Missiles" banner (4'15"-4'39") - Friends of the Earth Rally, Newbury. Clapham station platform. Smokers (5'22"-8'44") - Canvassers (8'45"-9'18") - Candlelight vigil by Greenham Common women (10'58"-11'31") - Visitors inside Westminster. Anti live export demonstrators outside Parliament. Nurses with fair deal banners (11'43"-12'15") - Speaker at rally, Newbury. Protesters. Extract from The Social Contract.Squatter camp. Protesters climbing trees. Security men (12'39"-14'34") - Princes Street, Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle. Vigil for Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh Court, streets. SNP celebrations after winning seat (15'06"-16'25"). Edinburgh. Westminster (17'24"-17'44") - Greenham Common women linking arms around base. Baby clothes on fence (18'17"-18'41") - Big Ben. Westminster (19'35"-19'51") - Anti poll taxmarchers. Trafalgar Square & demonstrators. House of Commons . Poll tax riots (20'11"-21'02") - Woman up a tree, Newbury. Boddington leaving court smoking. Greenham Common candle vigil. Anti poll tax demonstrators. Friends of the Earth demonstration, Newbury (21'23"-21'50").
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Production number: FOUA511A
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