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The splendidly evocative ruins of ancient Rome have long been a challenge to historians and archaeologists in reconstructing how it looked and functioned. It became the largest city in the western during the imperial period so how was the city constructed, what were the materials used. How was it defended, supplied with food- and water, how were the people housed and entertained. Above all, how did the city function.' This video uses various famous sites such as the ancient port of Ostia, the Baths of Caracalla and the Pantheon to answer some of these questions.
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Module code and title: AT308, Cities and technology: from Babylon to Singapore
Item code: AT308; VC01
Recording date: 1997-04
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Producer: Charles Cooper
Contributors: Colin Chant; Janet DeLaine; Mark Wilson Jones
Publisher: Open University
Keyword(s): Roman ruins ruins Roman Ancient Rome historians archeaologists recontructing Rome imperial Rome defence utilities housing entertainment city functions Ostia Baths of Caracalla Caracalla Pantheon
Subject terms: City planning--Italy--Rome--History; Municipal water supply--Italy--Rome; Municipal services--Italy--Rome; Rome--Civilization; Ostia (Extinct city); Baths of Caracalla (Rome, Italy); Pantheon (Rome, Italy)
Footage description: BAP15461- OSTIA: Interview - DeLaine Janet on site + locating shots BAP15462- More interview - Baths of Buticosis mosaics, construction info BAP15463- Theatre ROMAN and Piazzale delle Corporazioni (Piazza), mosaics BAP15464- Tuffa (volcanic stone) blocks, brick walls, Capitoleum/ In Museo della via Ostiense: Model of Ostia (in Rome) BAP15465- Model of Ostia at museum/ ROME Porta Maggiore - ancient entrance through walls of Rome & Tomb of the baker - reliefs ROMAN/ Aquaduct also PORTUS: Museum: model of Portus (near Ostia) & relief on wall BAP15466- ROME: Museum della Mura: Roman city walls: details & views/ Outside museum: Arch of Drusus (bit of aquaduct); Aquaduct BAP15467- ROME: Aqua Claudio: aquaduct close view. details: in park/ Palatine hill: Pantheon exteriors + interior BAP15468- ROME: Pantheon: interior: coffering on dome: marble on floor/ & more exteriors + back of Pantheon BAP15469- ROME: 2 mins rear of Pantheon: River sewer outlet ROMAN/ theatre of Marcellus: Palatine: Temple of Venus & Rome/ Temple of Portunus (Forum Boarum): Trajan's Market BAP15470- ROME: Trajan's market: Pantheon - out & in & front view BAP15471- ROME: Baths of Caracalla ROMAN BATHS EXTS. & INTS. MEZZANINE FLOOR BAP15472- ROME: Baths of Caracalla: EXERCISE AREA, MOSAICS ROMAN, FRIDGIDARIUM, EXTS. BAP15473- ROME: Baths of Caracalla: & Interview Janet DeLaine BAP15474- ROME: Interview continued: Baths of Caracalla/ OSTIA: Back to Ostia; river from lookout :Forum: Capitolium/ latrines ROMAN/ baths ROMAN: bakery ROMAN: fullers ROMAN BAP15475- OSTIA: warehouse ROMAN (horrae Epigathiania etc): Casa del Larario apartment building Jove & Ganymede: Forum Baths/ Baths of Buticosus: few secs of Domus di Amore e Psiche BAP15476- OSTIA: Domus di Amore e Psiche: Threshold of shop/ ROME: EUR for model of Rome at time of Constantine BAP15477- ROME: EUR ROME Model of : Pantheon: COLOSSEUM: Forum Boarum: Cloaca Maxima (main drain) & part of river/ Theatre of Pompey: Circus Maximus: (& other various shots)/ Interview - JONES WILSON Mark BAP15478- Mark Wilson Jones - end of interview BAP16399- PTCS
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