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This programme talks to some of the people who lived and worked in Harlem at the time.
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Module code and title: A103, An introduction to the humanities
Item code: A103; 31
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:28:52
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video A103/29,30,31,32;Open University course A103 An introduction to the humanities;Programme also used for AZX103/31
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Producer: Amanda Willett
Contributors: Henry Louis,Jr.contributor.ctb Gates; Cicely Palser Havely; Archie Shepp
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Malcolm X; Martin Luther King
Footage description: Footage - Women at window. Group of black women. Rally (0'22"-0'40") - Still of black family in doorway (0'41"-0'49") - Speaker at rally. Harlem street scen. "Blase" by A.Shepp playing (0'50"-0'57") - Harlem scenes. Apollo. Tour sign. Tour buses (0'58"-1'15") - Still of the Apollo. Police car. Police. Apollo. "Call me by my rightful name" by A Shepp (1'48"-2'05") Couples at Small's paradise. Streets of Harlem (2'06"-2'28") - Buildings in Harlem (2'29"-2'42") - Streets of Harlem. Still of the Apollo theatre. Duke Ellington poster. Victor record label (3'20"-3'47") - "Oh daddy blues " poster. Still of Fess Williams & his orchestra. Stills from "Harlem on my mind" (3'48"-4'05") - Street scenes of Harlem (4'43"-5'05") - Riots. Police. Group of Black people (5'06"-6'14") Still of Martin Luther King Shot. Funeral of Martin Luther King (6'28"-7'00") - Pictures of dancers from "Dance theatre of Harlem". Rehearsals of "Fete noire". Still of Arthur Mitchell (7'01"-7'48"). - Rehearsal of "Fete Noire" by Dance theatre of Harlem (8'12"-8'24") - Night time riot scenes. Street signs. Buildings. Injured men (8'43"-9'08") - Police (9'22"-9'34") - Malcolm X at rally (9'35"-10'04") - Malcolm X at rally (11'21"-11'39") - Headline Malcolm X murdered (11'40"-11'46") - Police at murder scene. Street scene. Excerpt from "At that moment " by Raymond R Patterson (11'47"-12'32") Malcolm X in coffin. "There is a balm" playing. Policeman with gun. Poster of "God dam the White man". Woman dancing. Poster for Dance theatre of Harlem. Stills of ballet dancers (12'33"-14'08") - Studio museum Harlem (14'15"-15'23") - Benny Andrews (artist) talking (15'24"-16'08") - Street scene. Garage doors (16'09"-16'50") - Still of Arthur Mitchell. Rehearsal of "Fete noire" by Dance theatre of Harlem (16'51"-17'03") - Poster of Arthur Mitchell. Rehearsal of "Fete Noire" by Dance theatre of Harlem (17'27"-17'47")Children leaning on bar. Views of the Apollo. Abyssinnian Baptist Church. Abysinnian Baptist choir singing (17'48"-18'29") - Still of Abyssinian Church. Tourists taking pictures. Still of Small's paradise (18'35"-19'02") - "Call me my rightful name playing". Still of couple at Small's paradise. Store fronts. Churches. Still dancing at Small's Paradise (19'08"-19'45") - African drums being played. African dancers. Poster "A Black time for Black folk". Ademola Olugebefola (artist) speaking.Painting "Fire and truth". Jesse Jackson at rally (19'46"-21'19") - Black power rally (21'29"-21'39") - Black power rally (22'38"-22'50) - Rythmatron extract. Black Panther childrens centre. Black Panther poster (22'58"-24'52") - Street scenes.Slums (25'57"-26'26") Still of slum.Dance theatre of Harlem (27'15"-27'52") Street scenes (28'33"-29'04").
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Production number: FOUA537X
Videofinder number: 5613
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