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The opening programme tells the story of the Roman Invasion of Britain: why they came, and how they managed to conquer an island of barbarians, then on the edge of the known world. It follows the w...ork of historians and archaeologists who are still trying to piece together an accurate picture of the invasion, and looks at how the Britons reacted to the invasion: some, like Boudica, with outright defiance, others seizing the opportunities offered by the invaders and quickly adopting Roman ways. Like America today, the military and cultural might of Rome proved too powerful for the tribal people of Britain to resist.
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Module code and title: AA309, Culture, Identity & Power in the Roman Empire
Item code: AA309; 01
Recording date: 2000-01-11
Published: 2000
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Producer: Paul Manners
Presenter: Guy de la Bédoyère
Publisher: Open University
Keyword(s): Roman invasion; Britain conquest of barbarians; historians; archaeologists; Britons' reaction; Boudica; Romanisation; Asterix; Carry on Cleo
Subject terms: Romans - Great Britain; Roman provinces - Social conditions; Assimilation (Sociology) - Rome; Great Britain - History - Roman period, 55 B.C.-449 A.D.; Great Britain - History - Invasions
Production number: FOUA581N
Videofinder number: 5658
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