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This tape is a compilation of the three "Romans in Britain" television programmes.
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Module code and title: AA309, "Culture, identity and power in the Roman empire"
Item code: AA309; VCR4
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Duration: 01:27:19
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track listing for this programme
Track 1 Fact and Fable
Version note: TV Programme 1, Fact and Fable, FOUA581N
Track 2 Coming of Age
Version note: TV Programme 2, Coming of Age, FOUA582H
Track 3 Hadrian's Wall The Edge of Empire
Version note: TV Programme 3, Hadrian's Wall The Edge of Empire, FOUA583B
Producer: Paul Manners
Contributors: Guy De la Bédoyère; Sally Grainger; Simon James; Martin Millet; Gustar Milne
Subject terms: Bath (England)--Antiquities, Roman; Butser Ancient Farm; Colchester (England)--Antiquities, Roman; Great Britain--History--Roman period, 55 B.C.-449 A.D; Hadrian's Wall (England)
Footage description: TV1: Fact and fable -- TV2: Coming of age -- TV3: Hadrian's wall : the edge of empire
Master spool number: DOU9768
Production number: FOUA584W
Videofinder number: 5799
Available to public: no