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In 1434, in the merchant city of Bruges, a painter Jan Van Eyck created a picture of a man and his wife standing in a room. It was an image unlike anything that had existed before and it was to b...ecome a landmark of the Renaissance. This painting contains a secret that has challenged generations of historians. Why was it painted and what does it show? Who was Van Eyck and who paid for his work? Every time someone gets close to the answers, a new discovery plays a trick and history changes, creating new problems and deeper mysteries.
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Module code and title: AA305, The Renaissance in Europe: a cultural enquiry
Item code: AA305; 03
Series: Renaissance secrets
First transmission date: 30-11-1999
Published: 1999
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Duration: 00:29:04
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Producer: Cameron Balbirnie
Narrator: Andrew Sachs
Contributors: Craig Harbison; Jacques Paviot; Evelyn Welch; Martin Kemp
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Keyword(s): Bruges; Oil paints
Subject terms: Painting, Dutch; Eyck, Jan van; Eyck, Jan van -- Wedding portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and Jeanne Cenami
Master spool number: DOU9802
Production number: FOUA588X
Videofinder number: 5871
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