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The video contains two case studies which help students to understand the role of Human Resources strategy and the management of change. The two organisations presented both faced severe financial... pressures in the late1980s and both embarked upon a programme of change and both radically reworked their approaches to human resource management. The first programme features the Aberdeen Royal Hospitals Trust and examines to what extent they attempted to change the culture of the organisation as they prepared to face current market pressures. The second programme looks at the impact of structural changes at IBC, a car assembly plant owned by USA's General Motors and Isuzu of Japan. The student is asked to think about to what extent the survival driven HR strategy plan was successful at changing attitudes at IBC.
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Module code and title: B824, Managing human resources
Item code: B824; VCR1
Published: 1998
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Duration: 01:00:30
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Producer: Roger Penfound
Contributors: Phil Coyle; Mary Dowling; Christopher Mabey; Cliff Mayfield; Colin Shepherd; Mike Tulumello
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aberdeen Royal Infirmary; Car Assembly Plant; Celebrations; IBC; Market Changes; Strategic Planning
Footage description: Band 1 : Culture change - more of the right medicine -- Band 2 : IBC - a birthday to remember
Master spool number: DOU9496
Production number: FOUB075W
Videofinder number: 5548
Available to public: no