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Module code and title: B200, Understanding business behaviour
Item code: B200; 01
First transmission date: 2000
Published: 2000
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Duration: 00:29:40
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Producer: Jennie Russell
Contributors: Nelson Farris; Phil Knight; Ben Langdon; Patrick Robinson; Graeme Salaman; Dave Schenone; Richard Tomkins
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Nike; Sport; Trainers
Footage description: Footage - People wearing Nike shoes and clothes. Athletes racing. Nelson Farris speaking. Pete Sampras. Children's feet in trainers. Carl Lewis running. David Shenone speaking. Athletes' feet in running blocks. Tickets. Till money. Feet in trainers. High street. Football boots. Trainers on display stand. Exterior shots Nike HQ, Oregon (Nike World). Nike employees speaking. Nike HQ. Flags. Plaque of Carl Lewis. Nike HQ. Gym. Nike sign. Bus Cafe. Employees walking. Child's feet in trainers (0'00"-2'08") Nelson Farris speaking. Couple sitting at outside table. 2 women at table. Nelson speaking. Nike HQ. David speaking. Display board of designs and photos. David speaking. Feet on treadmill. People working out in gym. Statue of goddess Nike. Nelson speaking. Framed magazine covers. People working out. Nelson speaking. Basket ball game in sports hall. Conference (2'09"-4'34") Phil Knight speaking. Phil walking. Nike TV advert. Ben Langdon speaking. Carl Lewis. Ben speaking. Richard Tomkins speaking. Nike TV ad. Feet in running blocks. (4'35"-6'23") Nelson speaking. Catherine Hayward speaking. Film of John McEnroe arguing at Wimbledon. Phil speaking. Michael Jordan playing basket ball. Nelson speaking. Michael Jordon. Golfers. Tiger Woods (6'24"-8'18") Ben speaking. Graeme speaking. Roller boots. Trainers. Graeme speaking. Richard speaking (8'19"-9'36") Wembley: Nike Park event. Children kicking footballs. Yvonne Iwaniuk speaking. Children watching Nike advert. Feet kicking footballs. Yvonne speaking. Scenes from Nike Park event. High school girls playing basket ball in NYC. Man with megaphone. Basket ball game. Nike trainers. Kent Smith speaking. Girl and 2 brothers watching basket ball (8'19"-11'40") Indoor high school basket ball game. Basket ball. Nike iD on PC screen. Children at PC in cyber cafe. Nike iD on screen. Mark Allen speaking. Ray Riley speaking. Patrick Harverson speaking. Sportswear in shop. PC screen. Patrick speaking (11'41"-13'31") Graeme speaking. Nike iD on screen. Mark Allen speaking. Children looking at Nike iD. David speaking. Ray speaking. Children looking at Nike iD (13'32"-15'59") Lighting. Man kicking ball in research lab. Camera. PC screen with image of foot. Marion Lafortune speaking. Athlete jogging in research lab. Feet. PC screen. Graphics. Marion speaking. Man kicking ball in lab. David speaking. Man at PC. Graphics. David speaking. Nike merchandise in shop. Catherine speaking (16'00"-18'24") Graeme speaking. Nike Town shop interiors. Till. Shoppers. Interiors. Till. Merchandise. Store room full of shoe boxes. Workers. Merchandise. Shopper purchasing trainers. Graeme speaking. Nelson speaking. ESPN footage of Vietnamese women making trainers. Graeme speaking. ESPN footage of Nike factory. Machines. Women making trainers. Bama Athreya speaking (18'25"-22'17") ESPN footage of factory women making trainers. Protestors outside Nike Town shop. Woman at sewing machine. Patrick speaking. ESPN footage of Vietnam street and cyclist. Factory scenes. Trainer being stitched. Cafe table outside at Nike World. Glue. Factory women in masks gluing shoes. Nelson speaking. ESPN footage of factories, women and laces, women packing trainers (22'18"-24'19") Bama speaking. ESPN footage of women gluing in factory. Vietnam street and workers. Graeme speaking. Athletes' feet in running blocks. Patrick speaking. Nike iD screen. Ray speaking. Feet running in lab. PC screen. David speaking. Children playing football at Wembley Nike event. Ben speaking. Girls basket ball game NYC. Richard speaking. Phil Knight walking. Patrick speaking. Phil walking (24'20"-28'30")
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Production number: FOUB130L
Videofinder number: 6551
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