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Parents for Children is an agency specialising in finding homes for older children who are growing up in care and handicapped children. The four social workers talk about risk, about the risks for ...themselves and about the risks they take that affect others as their job is to find parents for these children. Parents that is, who are prepared to commit themselves to a child who is hard to place, who may be both physically and mentally handicapped.
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Module code and title: U201, Risk
Item code: U201; 07
First transmission date: 24-06-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Richard Argent
Contributors: Hilary Alton; Hedi Argent; Jack Dowie; Phillida Sawbridge; Juliette Horne
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Adoption; Handicapped children; Parents for Children; Risk
Footage description: The programme opens with the four social workers linked with the Parents for Children group, talking about the risks involved in social work. Phillida Sawbridge, Director of Parents for Children describes the aims of the centre and the way the social workers act as a team, over shots of a garden party for the children who have been placed, and their families. Hilary Alton, a social worker, talks about the way children change once they are successfully placed. Hedi Argent, a social worker, argues that time is the groups most important resource. Juliet Horne, a social worker, describes the qualities needed by a family adopting a handicapped child Hilary Alton talks about the value of working in a team and argues that this method of working produces better results. Juliet Horne describes how placing a child can create personal problems for the social worker. Shots of the garden party. Hedi Argent talks about the risks parents and the group take. Juliet Horne describes how a failed placing, whilst it is distressing, can provide valuable experience. Phillida Sawbridge argues that there has been too much caution in placing people in the past. Hilary Argent discusses the value of placing a higher number of children, even if this means a higher number of failures. She describes her feelings if a placement fails and the way in which the rest of the team supports her. All four social workers give their views on risks and team support. Nine months later, the Parents for Children group discuss with Jack Dowie how they have changed and learned from their mistakes in the recent past. They talk about risks, and the problems they face, the need to take time in dealing with their clients and how their failures have strengthened the group.
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