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This is the second of two programmes about John and Marie Corbin's anthropological research in Ronda in Southern Spain and, like the previous programme, is concerned with social change. This contai...ns an analysis of the September Fair in the town. This can be seen to be made up of three elements: the stock market, the bullfight and the funfair. The importance of the stock market and bullfight has been declining, but the funfair now plays a more central part. This takes place on the outside of town and, as well as having roundabouts and side stalls, there are also drinking booths, 'casetas' which provide a forum for public affairs. Here, as in all parts of Southern Spain, politics and social life are intermixed. To take part in political life it's necessary to spend long hours in public, drinking and being seen as an important member of the community, but this kind of political activity excludes the poorer people. Political changes since Franco's death can be seen by the presence of Communist Party casetas at the funfair. An interview with the Mayor and a Communist trade union organiser show that local democracy is now more representative, but that old ways of doing things still continue.
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Module code and title: D207, An introduction to sociology
Item code: D207; 14
First transmission date: 16-08-1981
Published: 1981
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Producer: Clare Falkner
Contributor: John Corbin
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Anthropology; Sociology; Spain
Footage description: Shots of the fairground at Ronda, Spain. John Corbin describes the elements that make up the fair, the stock fair, the bullfight and the funfair. Shots of the animals being driven to market and the funfair. John talks about the importance, within Andalusian society, of being seen in public, as this demonstrates the fitness of the family for taking part in public affairs. Shots of people dressed in costume for the fair. John talks about the paseo, or evening stroll which is an important aspect of Andalusian life. Shots of people dancing and drinking at the funfair. John and Marie are shown discussing the significance of the fair. They talk about the pressures it puts on domestic life and the expense of attending. Shots of the fair and the small booths or casetas which have recently become part of the fair. John and Marie discuss their development and their significance for the future of the fair. Various shots of casetas organised by political parties. John Corbin talks to Antonio Sepulveda, a communist trade union official, about the problems facing working class political organisations, the difficulties of raising the political consciousness of the workers. John contrasts this style of politics with the more traditional politics of honour. Shots of men sitting in the street playing dominoes and people drinking in a bar. John describes some of the prerequisites of becoming influential in a society which operates through the politics of honour. Frances Watson describes how women were excluded from public life under such a system. John Corbin talks to Juan Harillo, leader of the Socialist party of Andalusia, about political activity during Franco's rule and the stress that was placed on the idea of the family at that time. He then talks about a local issue which had aroused strong public interest: should the Council support the stationing of troops in the locality? John Corbin argues that hostility to such a move can be traced back to political conflicts during the Civil War. He talks about the dishonour of dying outside the home without proper burial. Paco Pena shows John Corbin the laying-out room in his house. Shots of the local cemetery and monuments in the cemetery. John Corbin describes the dishonour of not being accorded a proper funeral. People from wealthy families, shot by revolutionaries during the Civil War, were therefore dishonoured. He argues that the class war is at times conducted in terms of the politics of honour. Shots of the fair.
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