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This is the first of two programmes showing Pauline Hunt, a sociologist, conducting one phase of a research project. She is studying self-expression and choice within the private world of family li...fe. In this programme we see her talking to a working class couple about their choice of home decorations, their use of the various rooms in their house and their hobbies and interests. The interview, of which this programme is a highly edited account, is based on photographs taken by the couple of those things in their domestic environment that are important to them.
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Module code and title: D207, An introduction to sociology
Item code: D207; 03
First transmission date: 10-05-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:23:15
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Producer: Jeremy Cooper
Contributors: Pauline Hunt; Terry Buttery; Lil Buttery
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Family relationships; Self expression; Sociology
Footage description: Pauline Hunt is shown conducting an interview with the Buttery family. The interview is designed to illustrate their feelings towards their home environment. In order to structure the interview she has asked the Butterys to photograph objects and events in the home, to which she now refers. The programme begins with Pauline congratulating the Butterys on their photography. She then works through the photos, asking the Butterys about the items shown. Some of the items mentioned are their ornaments, books and fireplace. Moving round the house the Butterys discuss their daughter's bedroom and Terry's choice of decoration for the box room. Terry describes his liking of eccentricity and the models he has collected since childhood. Terry describes his collection of items related to the TV series 'The Prisoner'. Relating this to the theme of her research Pauline Hunt asks if their freedom of action and choice at home compensates them for their restrictions and frustrations at work. They both agree that this is so.
Production number: FOUD086P
Videofinder number: 32
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