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This is the second of two programmes showing Pauline Hunt, a sociologist, conducting one phase of a research project. She is studying self-expression and choice within the private world of family l...ife. In this programme we see her talking to a middle class family (parents and two children) about their various roles in decorating and using their home. The interview, of which this programme is a highly edited account, is based on photographs taken by the family of those things in their domestic environment that are important to them.
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Module code and title: D207, An introduction to sociology
Item code: D207; 04
First transmission date: 17-05-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Jeremy Cooper
Contributors: Pauline Hunt; John Eastwood; Margaret Eastwood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Family relationships; Self expression; Sociology
Footage description: Pauline Hunt is shown conducting an interview with the Eastwood family. The interview is designed to illustrate their feelings towards their home environment. In order to structure the interview she has asked the Eastwoods to photograph objects and events in the home, and it is to these that she refers. The interview begins with Pauline Hunt congratulating the Eastwoods on their photography. She then asks them about the items they have photographed. Some of the items discussed are the garden, antiques in the living room and how the rooms in the house are used. The scene of the interview now moves to the kitchen. Margaret Eastwood talks about the decoration of the room and photographs of her making bread. In the bedroom she discusses the choice of colours in the room and the pictures that she chose for the room. Pauline is shown talking to Emma Eastwood in her room. She describes her room and her preference for it over those of her friends. Finally Pauline talks to Toby Eastwood about his room and the amount of choice he has in how it is decorated.
Production number: FOUD087J
Videofinder number: 33
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