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This programme looks at three companies and the effects privatisation has had on them.
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Module code and title: D103, Society and social science: a foundation course
Item code: D103; 06; Re-make
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:48:58
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Producer: Jeremy Cooper
Contributors: Neil Costello; Stuart Hall; Ken Robbie
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): British Gas; Hospital cleaning services; Market forces; National Freight Corporation
Footage description: Footage - Stuart Hall speaking. Footage from privatisation of National Freight Consortium in 1982: director speaking to audience, man speaking to press, groups of men standing next to car transporters, various freight company signs, press photographers, minister getting out of car, director speaking to audience and presenting cheque to minister (0'04"-4'56") - James Watson speaking. Lorries on roads with several different company logos. Mechanic lifting bonnet of lorry. Michael Buerk reading BBC news in 1989. Film clip: lorry, men operating fork lifts to load beer barrels onto lorry. Graphical data. Forklifts (4'57"-7'33") - Watson speaking. Lorries travelling on roads. Tony Bradshaw speaking. NFC drivers speaking. Watson speaking. NFC film clip: reflection of driver in an American truck. Driver getting into truck. Aerial view of truck. Pickfords lorry. American trucks. Watson speaking (7'34"-15'21") - Views of Bradford. Interior views of hospital. Women's ward. Cleaners.;Sheffield Forgemasters River Don works warehouse building. Exterior views of building. Sign: Forgemasters Steels Ltd. David Fletcher speaking. Furnace. Metal being turned in furnace. Man operating machinery. Metal being removed from furnace. Fletcher speaking. Philip Wright speaking (33'36"-36'07") - Sheffield Forgemasters' workers working. Long steel tubes. Wright speaking. Ivan Whitting speaking. Furnace. Hot metal being removed. Wright speaking. McKinnon speaking. Whitting speaking. Clip from British Gas advertisement (36'08"-42'36") Discussion in studio between Stuart Hall and Neil Costello. Various NFC lorries travelling along roads. Ken Robbie speaking. Pickfords lorry. Studio discussion (42'37"-49'00").;Sign: Woodlands Orthapaedic Hospital. Hospital beyond lawn. Man driving car. Car parking and man enters hospital. Jim Mathews speaking. Albert Bonham speaking. Nurse walking down corridor. Nurse speaking. Cleaners working in ward. Nurse speaking. Nurse speaking to patients. Mathews speaking. Mark Baker speaking (15'22"-21'18") - Bonham speaking. Cleaner buffing ward floor. Mathews speaking. Cleaner speaking. Cleaners serving tea to patients, washing up, brushing floors. Bonham speaking. John Scanlon speaking. Cleaners mopping toilet floors (21'19"-26'00") - Mark Baker speaking. Scanlon speaking. Cleaners speaking. Nurse speaking. Cleaners getting into minibus outside hospital (26'01"-30'17") - Film clip from British Gas shares advertisement 1986. Ivan Whitting speaking. British Gas showroom and shop. Man at desk. Woman at accounts counter. Exterior of Gas showroom. Women looking at goods in showroom. James McKinnon speaking. Queue at accounts counter (30'18"-33'35").
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