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Using the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade as a focal point, this programme looks at some of the changes that have taken place in Sydney over the past 2 decades.
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Module code and title: DD304, Understanding cities
Item code: DD304; 05
Published: 1999
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Duration: 00:29:48
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Producer: Eleanor Morris
Contributors: Ken Davids; Marla Guppy; Bobby McLeod; Melinda Walker
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aboriginal culture & art; Australia; Tourism
Footage description: Footage - Views of Sydney at night. Gay & lesbian Mardi Gras parade. Sydney Harbour Bridge at night and during day. Postcard stills of Sydney. Tourists walking down steps. Joanna MacDonald speaking to tourists in Rocks District. Joanna leads group with Harbour Bridge in background. Group walks down street. Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Pan to Cecil and Andrew (aborigines) playing instruments. Close ups of painted bodies and instruments. Bobby McCleod speaking (0'20"-4'20") - Boats in harbour: sailing ship, cruise boat. Train. Office blocks. Ken Davis speaking. Marla Guppy speaking. Members of Vietnamese community speaking in Cabramatta. Shop signs. Marla speaking at Mount Druitt. Marla and Susie walk to Mii's house and enter (4'21"-6'36") - Mii's family and Marla at lunch table praying then eating and talking. Marla speaking. Marla and Mii's family at table. Marla speaking. Mii's family photos (6'37"-7'53").;Parade officials, cameraman, participants. Ken speaking. Fireworks at night. Marla and Denny marching. Parade (16'49"-19'09") - Ken speaking. Banner. Ken and friends getting ready. Man speaking. Ken and friends (in drag) leave flat, walk down street. Inside Brook Andrew's flat: Brook and friend making outfits, sitting on kerb talking, walking down street, picking flowers (19'10"-22'18") - Gitte Weise Gallery: Brook looks out of window. Brook speaking. Brook watching passers by. People walking (slow motion) fades to office blocks. Bobby speaking. Painting on Andrew's body. Cecil & Andrew playing music. Bobby speaking to dancers. Dance group boarding bus. Dance group rehearsing (22'19"-26'26") - Views of Mardi Gras parade at night. Marla, Denny & Ken marching. Parade views. Street clearing interspersed with Cecil & Andrew (26'27"-29'20").;Vietnamese shoppers in Cabramatta. Views of Cabramatta streets. Marla speaking. Classroom: teachers and small children singing. Male teachers with small group of children. Marla speaking. Children collecting bags outside school, lining up and walking in twos. Marla speaking. Shoppers and shops in Cabramatta. Marla speaking (7'54"-10'39") - Oxford Street, Sydney: people, shoppers, cars, shops, 2 gay men, shop window displays, street. Ken speaking inside Mardi Gras Gallery. Mardi Gras parade at night: crowds, motorcyclists, dancers, banners, floats etc. B/w photos from 1st parade, 1978: women with banner, crowd charging at police, police arresting demonstrators. Ken speaking (10'40"-13'14") - Marla speaking. B/w photos from parade 1978: crowd charging, women being restrained, crowd outside police station. Ken speaking. Marla dressing child. Marla, Denny & child leave house in fancy dress. Mardi Gras parade participants waiting. Man speaking (13'15"-16'48").
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