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This programme investigates the development changes that have taken place in different areas of London in the late 1990s.
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Module code and title: DD304, Understanding cities
Item code: DD304; 03
Published: 1999
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Duration: 00:29:03
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Producer: Geoff Dunlop
Contributors: Mukim Ahmed; Niall Duffy; Lulu Kennedy; George Monbiot; Lil Patrick; Richard Rogers
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Battersea; Borough developments; Montevetro Tower; Public spaces; Southwark; Spitalfields
Footage description: Footage - London traffic. Trafalgar Square traffic. George Monbiot crossing roads and speaking. Traffic. People getting onto bus. London skyline. Sihouette of St Pauls Cathedral. Park and London skyline. People at leisure in park. Cranes and London skyline. Train. London views with cranes (0'20"-3'10") - Pub: customers drinking, at computers, chatting. Roofs in Spitalfields. Bongos. Spitalfields street. Man playing bongos. Barbers shop. Fabrics shop. Street. People (3'11"-4'22") - George speaking with Mukim Ahmed walking along street. Shopkeepers sorting through vegetables, samosas. Man carrying roll of cloth. Leo Epstein speaking. Interior of fabrics shop. Tailor at sewing machine. Food mixer. Bakers making donuts. Woman serving in bakery (4'23"-5'49") - Record on turntable. DJ speaking. 'Truman Brewery' entrance area. Miles Q speaking. Tatooist at work. George speaking to Lulu Kennedy. Views of shop windows. George and Lulu walk into derelict building, climb stairs, walk onto roof.;Traffic at night. Cafe window. George speaking at table. Battersea market stalls. Boarded up shops. People. Shop windows. Ship passing through Tower Bridge. Children eating. Pigeon. George and Lil Patrick talking. Potters Field: people relaxing. Lil speaking (18'03"-21'59") - Warf development area. Flats. Wasteground. Lil speaking. Potters Field. Niall speaking. Wasteground. Lil speaking interspersed with: flats, Potters Field, Lil and friends sorting placards, travelling on coach, leaving coach. Demo outside Town Hall. Traffic. Demo (22'00"-27'14") - People walking on bridge. Canary Warf, bridge. Traffic. Canary Warf. People in park. Millennium Dome. Skyline. St Paul's. River views. Train. Houses of Parliament (27'15"-29'00").;Views of London. George and Lulu speaking. Model of building development. George walking into luxury flat. Looks out of window. Kay Jordan speaking in tailors shop (5'50"-9'56") - People walking down street. George speaking to Mukim. River Thames and boat. Skylines. View from boat: Southwark Bankside Power Station. St Paul's Cathedral through window. Tower Bridge. Builder cutting through metal. Interior: Southwark Bankside Power Station. St Paul's Cathedral. Tower Bridge. Views of Southwark (9'57"-11'36") - George speaking to Niall Duffy. Millennium Dome. Richard Rogers speaking. Houses of Parliament from riverboat. Richard speaking. Richard and colleagues talking (11'37"-14'32") - Containers on boat. Montevetro Tower. George speaking on boat. Montevetro Tower views, model. Marco Goldschmeid speaking. Lift. Views from Montevetro Tower interspersed with George and Marco speaking (14'33"-18'02") - Views through graffiti covered windows. Corridor. Skyline. Richard speaking.
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