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Across Europe small farms are fighting for survival in the face of modern farming. Brussels is now responsible for what is in our shopping bag. A Cumbrian boar farmer travels in Europe to find out the Common Agricultural Policy has changed farming, food and the countryside.
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Module code and title: DD200, Europeans
Item code: DD200; 01
Recording date: 2000
First transmission date: 2000
Published: 2001
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Duration: 00:29:03
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Producer: Tessa Combs
Narrator: Jo Shinner
Contributors: Franz Fischler; Peter Gott; Tim Lang; Adrian Peck; Sean Rickard; Sion Roberts; Roger Waite
Publisher: BBC, Open University
Keyword(s): boars, common agriculture policy, farming, produce
Subject terms: Agriculture and state--European Economic Community countries; Food industry and trade--Government policy--Europe; Farm produce; Produce trade; Small business
Footage description: Footage - Gold stars in circle rotating. Churchill "V" victory. Schuman. Charles De Gaulle. Signing Treaty of Rome. Margaret Thatcher. Police van panning to man walking in between two policemen. Close-up of female's face. Boar. Peter Gott holding a bucket; boar is feeding from it. Nick Clegg at conference. EU flag. Row of different flags (0'01"-0'25") Boar with 5 piglets. Peter shakes bucket containing boar feed. Boar with 5 piglets. Boar runs towards camera. Boar feeds from bucket Peter is holding. 2 boars. Views of boars approaching ground where food is being thrown. Peter Goot. Views of boars. Boar feed from bucket Peter is holding. View of Sillfield farm, with boars in fore ground. Peter amongst pigs. Peter walking along road, then entering farm yard (0'26"-1'42") Female making pies. Sticker placed on packet of meat. Peter standing by meat counter. Peter places sticker on packet of meat (1'43"-2'28") Sean Rickard. Footage of BBC's "Supermarket shoppers"; Female places a packet of meat in basket; female takes packet of meat from display in supermarket; meat in cool cabinet; shelves in supermarket. Footage of giant green tractor from BBC's newsnight. B/w footage from University of East Anglia showing "Old style farming" (2'29-3'29") Peter Gott driving car. Car turns into Scotland farm. Views of Peter and Adrian Peck walking through farm (3'30"-4'30") Footage - Bomb damage in Berlin; Starving men in hospital; Destitute family eating soup. Sean Rickard. Footage - Bombed Berlin (4'31"-5'35") Frans Fischler. View of old style corn cutter. Sean Rickard. Footage of a combine harvester. Roger Waite. View of livestock in fields. Farmer walking through field with sheep. Views of male starting a tractor and moving through a field (5'36"-7'15") Sion Roberts. Peter Gott and Adrian Peck walking through field. Farm machine. Adrian and Peter in field.Modern tractor sprinkling fertiliser. Franz Fischler. Aerial shot of multi vehicle agri farming. Peter and Adrian in field (7'16"-9'17") Footage of intensive egg production. Footage - cow being milked. Footage -modern combining. Sean Rickard. Sion Roberts.Entrance to silo opened. Peter Gott and Adrian Peck look at grain mountain. Tractor moving grain (9'18"-10'40") Sion Roberts. Sean Rickard. Footage - giant combine; movement of grain mountain. Sean Rickard. Tim Lang. Franz Fischler (10'41"-12'16") EU flags. Farming machines spraying field. Tim Lang. Peter enters a room. Opens store, extracts carcass, hangs on hook. Peter slices meat (12'17"-13'55") Moving car. Peter driving the car. View of road from car. Views of Peter's stall and Eskdale show. Hill farmers. Views of sheep and hill farmers (13'56"-16'16") View of Northern Portuguese village. View of town and cows. Manuel Barroso. View of workers harvesting corn on the cob. Manuel Barroso. Male moving hay with pitchfork. Manuel Barroso (16'17"-17'56") Maria Da Conceicao moving small herd of cows. Maria. Bellows used on fire. Chickens. Maria feeds chickens. Dinis Peixeiro. Donkey. Cows. View of farm (17'57"-19'25") Peter Gott on bike. Close-up of feet on pedals. Tree lined avenue. Peter leans bike against large plant container. Peter Gott and Elaine Avanzo, large house in background. Peter and Elaine seated at a garden table looking at several b/w stills of rice farming. View of house. View of trees. Franz Fischler (19'26"-21'43") Peter and Elaine walking by crops. Peter cycles by crops. Franz Fischler. Roger Waite (21'44"-23'32") Mimma and Peter outside building. Views of Mimma and Peter by fields, hedges and trees. Franz Fischler (23'33"-26'16") Peter Gott and Adrian Peck walking in a field. Peter unloads trays from his car. Views of Peter's market stall. Bread stall. Olives. Fish on ice. Males eating food. Peter serving a customer. View of meat. Peter and customer at his stall. View of customers at cheese stall sampling cheese. Market stall. Peter with stall in background. Female lifts food. Cheese being cut and wrapped. Female eating. Boar with piglets (26'17"-29'21")
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Videofinder number: 6621
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