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This programme follows the work of Liberal Democrat MEP Nick Clegg over a 6 week period as he struggles to impliment a new Regulation through the European Parliament.
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Module code and title: DD200, Governing Europe
Item code: DD200; 02
Series: Europeans
Recording date: 2001
First transmission date: 22.03.2001
Published: 2001
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Duration: 00:29:00
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Producer: David Poyser
Narrator: Jo Shinner
Publisher: BBC, Open University
Keyword(s): European parliament; local loop unbundling; telecoms companies; Deutche Telecom
Subject terms: European Economic Community
Footage description: Gold stars in circle rotating. Churchill "V" victory. Schuman. Charles De Gaulle. Signing Treaty of Rome. Margaret Thatcher. Police van panning to man walking in between two policemen. Close-up of female's face. Boar. Peter Gott holding a bucket; boar is feeding from it. Nick Clegg at conference. EU flag. Row of different flags (0'01"-0'25") Nick Clegg and female walking through a building. Nick Clegg. Views of European parliament. Nick Clegg. Nick with female in reception area of building. Nick Clegg speaking to Mr Cox outside Mr Cox house. Nick Clegg with 2 males. Nick Clegg speaking at European Parliament (0'26"-1'13") Footage of Telecom advert (1'14"-1'45") Keyboard wires, hands connecting a lead to back of appliance. Nick Clegg. Nick Clegg at Mr Cox front door, Mr Cox opens door, they shake hands. View of Mr Cox and Nick Clegg. View of Mr Cox, Nick Clegg and telephone equipment inside Mr Cox house (1'46"-2'51") Views of Nick Clegg and another male inside telephone exchange (2'52"-3'52") Nick driving. Views of the road. Nick driving. Views of bus station panning to Nick and a male. Nick and other male speaking to female at bus station. View of moving traffic. Nick driving. Nick arriving at Peak Radio station. Nick and interviewer inside radio station recording interview (3'53"-5'51") Aerial shots of Brussels. Nick Clegg talking to Robert Verrue. Nick Clegg speaking at first committee meeting, Brussels. Views of the first committee meeting (5'52"-7'23") B/w footage of WWII shooting; Churchill in car through the crowds; Crowds/Churchill in square: Churchill's speech in hall. American war cemetery. Nick by a war memorial. B/w footage of men leave to attend Shuman speech/Shuman speech; coal train; steel works(7'24"-9'35") Commission meeting with Neil Kinnock. View of PC screen. Nick at PC. Aerial shots of Brussels. External view of building. Male filling paper tray of photocpy machine. View of representatives at European commission. View of Nuala Ahern at European Commission (9'36"-12'10") Nuala Ahern. Nick Clegg at European Commission. Two females at European Commission. Nick greets male representive at European Commission. Nick leaves room then talks to a male representative. Nick and female walk down corridor (12'11"-13'30") Erica Mann. Katie Hall rises from seat to open office door, a male and female enter. Katie knocks on a door, Nick opens door and male and female enter(13'31"-14'23") Footage of Chocolate; Chocolate wrapped sweets; pouring chocolate. Chocolate bars; female picks up chocolate bar; female covers sweets with chocolate(14'24"-14'54") Nick Clegg and Phillip Whithead in office. Female coating sweets with chocolate. Phillip Whitehead in shop with chocolates in background (14'55"-15'16") Chocolate in street market. Phillip Whitehead. Wrapped Cadbury's chocolates(15'17"-15'58") Nick Clegg at Bournemouth station. Nick at airport. Plane taking off. Nick Clegg approaching taxi queue. View of road from moving car. Nick enters a building. Nick and other attendees at a meeting (16'00"-18'03") B/w footage of De Gaulle's "Veto" speech. Footage of Margaret Thatcher in Dublin. Tony Blair at conference. View of ministers. Nick Clegg. Views of meeting(18'04"-19'47") Aerial shot of Brussels. External shot of building. Nick Clegg and others at meeting. Nick Clegg. Nick Clegg in an office(19'48"-21'53") Views at the 2nd Committee meeting. Nick and another male in an offfice. Katie Hall typing. Nick and Katie. Nick Clegg. 2 stills of Nick and his wife. External shot of building. Nick and Katie both using phones. Nick Clegg(21'54"-24'33") Views at the final committee meeting(24'34"-25'34") Aerial shots of Brussels. Fast shots of the moving of office for Nick Clegg and Katie Hall. Katie Hall at desk. Male waking along corridor. Male enters room. Nick at European Parliament Strasbourg. Wide shot of empty chairs(25'35"-27'20") Nick Clegg. Nick walking down corridor. Views of the Final vote meeting. View of monitor panning to Katie Hall. Views of Final vote meeting. Katie in office. Nick and male. Katie using phone. Nick Clegg. Nick kisses female. Katie on phone. Champagne bottle opened. External view of building. Champagne in glass. External view of building. Nick raises a glass. External view of building (27'221"-29'20")
Production number: FOUD631X
Videofinder number: 6616
Available to public: no