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This programme looks at the public debate over the future of adult education in Holland. The discussion covers: comunity run informal education activities such as adult literacy; the equivalent of ...'A' levels for adults in day-time classes; the centralised and 'grandiose' Open School.
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Module code and title: E200, Contemporary issues in education
Item code: E200; 18
First transmission date: 19-09-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:24:22
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Producer: Edward Milner
Contributors: Bob Bell; Paul Hoornweg; Randy Meyer; Karol Roessingh; Peter Swift; Jos Van Kemande; Aaron Pais; Louis Emmerij; Anneke Reuvekampe
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Adult education; Holland; Open school
Footage description: The programme starts with an excerpt from a Dutch Open School TV broadcast, over which the OU's Bob Bell comments briefly on the importance attached to adult education in Holland. Interview with Jos Van Kemenade, of the Dutch Labour Party, who argues that an adult education programme will provide a more democratic society. In interview Aaron Pais, the Centre Democratic Party's Minister of Education, maintains that adult education is not a luxury but a necessity. Shots of women demonstrating over adult education, then shots of Amsterdam. In voice-over Bell describes the importance attached to adult education in Dutch politics. Further interview with Pais in which he outlines his educational priorities. Film of a chemistry class for adults, over which Bell contrasts Dutch adult education with British. Interview with Louis Emmery, a Dutch educational economist, who argues that adult education should not imitate that provided by universities. Shots of the DASVO adult education centre in Amsterdam, which Bell describes in voice-over interview with Anneke Reuvekamp, editor of 'Opzij', who enthuses about DASVO. Film of a women's centre in the small Dutch town of Purmerenld. Two women at the centre explain why they go there. Shots of another centre, Network, in Purmerend, whose function is explained by Bell. Interview with Karol Roessingh, who chairs the Commission on Educational Networks, in which she describes her job. Shots of Surinamis in Amsterdam over which Bell describes the help they get from central government. Interview with Surinami Randy Meyer who explains why he believes educational facilities for ethnic minorities should be centrally rather than locally financed. Interview with Paul Hoornweg, director of adult education in Amsterdam, who briefly describes how his own educational services are organised. Shots of an adult literacy class in a working class district of Amsterdam. One pupil at the class and the two tutors are interviewed. A further clip from an Open School TV programme is seen, then shots of a production worker in a factory. In voice-over Bell comments on the use of Open School classes by manual workers. Interview with the factory personnel manager, who explains why he is keen for employees to attend such classes. Interview with Louis Emmerij, who argues that the onset of new technology will necessitate an adult education programme. Short interviews with Pais, van Kemenade and Emmerij end the programme. All agree on the need for a greater commitment to adult education. Shots of Amsterdam.
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