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This programme looks at the problems of the provision od schooling for the children of travelling people and compares the situation in the U.K. with that of the Republic of Ireland. The programme e...xamines the work of the voluntary school St.Kieran's in Co. Wicklow and the Buckinghamshire Education Authority provision including the Gypsy Unit at Cheena County Combined School in Chalfont St.Peter. In addition to giving views of the teachers in the two schools and the Travelling parents involved, the programme includes interviews with the Irish Minister for Health and Social Welfare and the Chairman of the Buckinghamshire Education Committee.
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Module code and title: E200, Contemporary issues in education
Item code: E200; 22
First transmission date: 21-04-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:24:22
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Producer: Edward Milner
Contributors: Bob Bell; Jose Batchelor; Michael Woods; Margaret Popplewell; Mairin Kenny; Colette Dwyer
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Culture; Education; Local Authority; Minorities; Special needs
Footage description: In interview Jose Batchelor, who teaches Buckinghamshire gypsies, asserts that gypsies do not have full civil rights. Archive film of demonstrations and evictions of gypsies, and of newspaper cuttings about gypsies. In voice-over Bell explains that many gypsy children are discouraged from attending school. In interview a gypsy complains that their lifestyle is becoming more difficult to preserve intact. Film of a gypsy site in Ireland over which Bell explains that the Irish government has tried to inform the public on this issue. In interview Michael Woods, the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, describes the different kinds of Irish travellers. Archive footage of Irish gypsies. Interview with two gypsies, who consider the need for gypsies to be educated and the problems of gypsy children mixing with settled children. Film of Irish gypsy children on their way to school and of St. Kieran's School for gypsies at Bray, near Dublin, being officially opened The commentary provides details of the school's roll and financing. A boy explains in interview why he likes the school. Shots of a school that caters for gypsies near Amersham, Bucks. In voice-over Bell explains that provision for gypsies is only beginning in England. Shots of Batchelor taking a reading class at the school. In interview a gypsy argues that her children should be educated alongside settled children. Shots of lunch at the Amersham school, where gypsies and settled children do mix freely. Interview with Batchelor who explains in what ways gypsies differ from other children. In interview Margaret Popplewell a member of Bucks Education Committee, briefly describes the county's plans to educate gypsies. Over film of St. Kieran's school for gypsies Bell explains that educational decisions in Eire are made centrally rather than locally. Interview with Mairin Kenny, who teaches at St. Keiran's. She explains the advantages of a special school for gypsies. In interview sister Colette Dwyer, National Co-ordinator for Traveller Education, describes Eire's provision of special education for gypsies. Shots of industrial training facilities at St. Keiran's, which a young traveller explains can help in finding a job. Woods explains the notion of travelling with dignity, which directs government policy. Sister Colette argues for the importance of a centralised policy. In interview Popplewell argues against centralised educational directives in England. Bell uses official reports to indicate the hostility of some English LEAs to gypsies. Popplewell, Woods, Batchelor and Kenny offer views on the matter of gypsies' civil rights and on how gypsies differ from settled people. Over film of gypsy children at work a gypsy father describes the childhood of travelling people. Bell questions Batchelor about whether education will damage gypsy culture. Film of a gypsy camp in Buckinghamshire. Batchelor is seen arriving at the camp to teach a group of girls. The programme ends with Sister Dwyer explaining in interview what effect she believes education will have on Irish travellers.
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