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The aim was to trace various attempts to introduce more musical opportunities in various forms into the primary school. Particularly attempts to improve the quality of musical experience available all children. The concerts of Atarah Ben Tovim, the Schools Council Music Projects and the helps to teachers such as BBC's own "Time and Tune" illustrate the theme.
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Module code and title: E200, Contemporary issues in education
Item code: E200; 09
First transmission date: 28-03-1981
Published: 1981
Duration: 00:24:23
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Contributors: John Paynter; Sue Temperley; Martin Woodhead; Atarah Ban Tovim; Cliff Matthews; Iain Kendell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aesthetics; Creativity; Primary school curriculum; Music; Stoke; Rossendale
Footage description: The programme starts with film of Atarah's Band giving a concert for small children in Stoke-on-Trent. In voice-over Martin Woodhead comments on the lack of music in British education. Shots of Rossendale in Lancashire, where Atarah Ban Tovim has her Children's Concert Centre. In interview she explains the need for every child to play music. Further shots of her Stoke concert, then in voice-over she comments on children's attitudes towards music. She states her aims regarding the musical education of children. Film of a primary school music lesson using an Atarah Ben Tovim 'bandkit'. In voice-over Martin Woodhead comments on the need to help non-specialist teachers to teach music. Cliff Matthews, an education authority advisor on music in schools, explains in interview how teachers can introduce music to their classes. Shots of another primary school class using the BBC's "Time and Tune" series, over which Woodhead and Matthews explain the need to attach a greater importance to music in schools. Shots of files relating to a School's Council national project on music for young children. Interview with Iain Kendell, deputy director of the Schools Council, who explains the need for a structured music programme in primary schools. He shows us the kit produced by the Schools Council. He and Woodward discuss the benefits of learning music regarding children's wider educational development. Brief shots of school playground, then film of music teacher Sue Temperley taking a young primary school class. In interview she describes special methods for introducing young children to music. Shots of children using the Tobin colour system for playing the recorder. Voice-over description from Temperley. Interview with John Paynter, who argues for a creative use of music in the classroom. Shots of Sue Temperley in class with children in a small musical band. Shots of a special musical notation devised by her. Paynter's interview resumes (partly over Sue Temperley's lesson). He gives advice about how musical education can begin at an early age. Film of Temperley taking an orchestral group of older children, over which Woodhead considers various directions that musical education can take. Brief interviews with Matthews, Kendell, Paynter and Ben Tovim, all of whom express views on the need for music in schools. Further film of the Stoke concert.
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