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In the first four years of life a child learns most of the complexities of language. What is currently known about the process of language development? 25 years ago Noam Chomsky shocked linguists a...nd psychologists into re-appraising the state of their knowledge. Today researchers chart the responses of a foetus to sound, they map crying, cooing and babbling for early indication of speech production and they work to understand how a child grasps the complexities of grammar and syntax. May be there is a "child grammar" which is revised to fit adult language. How do children communicate their thoughts and feelings? This programme explores the process of language acquisition from 0 to 4. What is the significance of baby talk?
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Module code and title: E362, Cognitive development: language and thinking - birth to adolescence
Item code: E362; 06A
First transmission date: 15-07-1984
Published: 1984
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Duration: 00:49:15
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Producer: Suzanne Campbell-Jones
Contributor: Michael Smee
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Andrew Meltzoff; Barry Lester; Catherine Snow; Child Age 0-4; Child grammar; Colwyn Trevarthen; Cooing babbling; Crying; Dan Slobin; David Crystal; Elena Lieven; Eve Clark; Foetus; Frank Fallside; Harry McGurk; Jean Berko-Gleason; Jerome Bruner; Katherine Nelson; Language development; Noam Chomsky; Peter Eimas; Peter Wolfe
Subject terms: Child psychology; Children--Language; Language acquisition; Psycholinguistics
Master spool number: HOU4785
Production number: FOUE179L
Videofinder number: 4331
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