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This programme compares provision for education of the deaf in the Lothian region of Scotland with that in Syracuse, U.S.A.
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Module code and title: E241, Special needs in education
Item code: E241; 08; 1985
First transmission date: 13-04-1985
Published: 1985
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Duration: 00:49:39
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Producer: Nick Brenton
Contributor: Tony Booth
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Alison Reddish; Ann Castler; British Sign Language; Catherine Leith; David Cowan; Deafness; Felicity Reid; Gianluca Colagiacomo; Gianna Colagiacomo; Helen Cowan; Integration; Joan Montgomery; Judith Brown; Judy Sobotka; Kathleen Calder; Liz Glass; Martin Colville; Mary Brennan; Mary McNie; Morag Turner; Paddy Ladd; Peter Priestley; Radiophonic aids; Ruth Roberts; Signed English; Split Rock School; St. Giles Centre; Wendy Kemp
Master spool number: HOU5026
Production number: FOUE182T
Videofinder number: 81814
Available to public: no