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This programme was filmed in Collingwood School, Camberley - the largest secondary school in Surrey. It looks at the way the P.E. and English Departments are managed in terms of priorities, curricu...lum development, creating a team, and staff development. It also examines strategies for reconciling differences between the needs of a department and the policies of the school.
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Module code and title: E325, Managing schools
Item code: E325; 04
First transmission date: 19-03-1988
Published: 1988
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Duration: 00:24:33
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Producer: Geoff Wheeler
Contributors: Peter Halls-Dickerson; Glyn Houston; Anita Winn; Eden Tanner; /jan Eaton; Peter Mothersole; Katy Ravenscroft; Jane Banham; Bill Craig
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Anita Winn; Bill Craig; Camberley; Collingwood School; Eden Tanner; Jane Banham; Katy Ravenscroft; Peter Mothersole; Physical education
Master spool number: HOU5882
Production number: FOUE229H
Videofinder number: 1168
Available to public: no