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Module code and title: E242, Learning for all
Item code: E242; 08
First transmission date: 1992
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Anne Diack
Contributors: Tony Dessent; Will Swann
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Integration of Special Education; Main stream education; Policy; Special needs; Statemented children
Subject terms: Children with disabilities--Education--Great Britain; Mainstreaming in education--Great Britain; Special education--Great Britain
Footage description: Footage - Children in school playground. 2 boys in classroom. Group of secondary school children in class. Boy. Blind girl reading Braille text panning out to class of children reading. Children sitting at table talking. Classroom children working. Children walking through school. Father kissing daughter goodbye at school. Girls playing in playground. Young children writing. Close up of faces (0'00"-2'31") Tony Dessent speaking. Teacher working with children. Close up of boy, teacher. Cheryl Cooper speaking. Cheryl speaking. Girls playing in playground. Car parking. Linda Case and boy getting out of car. Children talking in classroom. Close up of boy. Cheryl speaking. Children in classroom. Cheryl speaking (2'32-4'56") Children getting off coach and walking into school. Playground. Peter Housden speaking. Moving traffic panning to Nottingham County Council building. Crest. Playground. Boys reading in class. Girl reading to adult. Julia Swan speaking. Young children talking at a table in class. 2 boys talking. Classroom scenes. Julia Swan speaking (4'57"-7'48") Bramcote Park Secondary School. Girls typing Braille. 2 teachers in discussion. Aidan Joynt speaking. Girls typing. Visually impaired girl typing in class. Dorothy Spragg speaking. Text. Visually impaired girl typing. Dorothy speaking. Display. Classroom scenes - teacher and pupils in discussion (7'49"-11'03") Martha Toogood speaking. 2 girls talking. Photos of Foxwood School events. John Pearson speaking. Primary school classroom. Teacher talking. Close up of boy. 2 teachers talking. Display. John speaking. Primary school class. John speaking. 2 boys sorting fliers (11'04"-14'11") Group of children and teacher sitting in a circle. Roger Murfin speaking. Playground. Housing estate. Toddlers playing. Classroom scenes. Bramcote Park School sign. Mike Taylor speaking. Tony Dessent speaking. Children and parents leaving school (14'12"-16'34") Support group meeting. Paperwork. Close ups of support group members. Mike speaking. Primary school children in classroom. Secondary school pupils in class panning to visually impaired girl reading Braille text. Tony speaking. Nottingham County Hall. Roger Murfin speaking (16'35"-19'30") Support group meeting. Members in discussion. Corridor. 2 teachers talking. Boy in class. Classroom scene. Children at farm. Teachers handing out animal feed to children. Children on climbing frame. Children looking at pot bellied pigs (19'31"-22'22") Aida Mitchell speaking. Roger Murfin speaking. Mike Taylor speaking. Nottingham County Hall. Peter Housden speaking. Children and teachers at farm feeding goats and sheep (22'23"-24'17")
Master spool number: HOU7051
Production number: FOUE270R
Videofinder number: 4752
Available to public: no