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This programme looks at children's drawings in two very different societies - in urban Dundee and Aboriginal Australia. The programme asks if children go through a universal developmental process o...r whether culture has such a significant influence as to show important differences. The programme aims to suggest that the generally accepted 'universal stages' theory should be questioned. New evidence is coming to light about cultural influences. We should therefore be very careful when attempting to analyse children's drawings.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 08
First transmission date: 1994
Published: 1994
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Duration: 00:24:06
Note: Note:this programme was also used for Showcase 6(1995).
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Producer: Rosemary Hill
Contributors: Andrew Sachs; Peter Willatt
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aboriginee; Australia; Cecily Napanangka Granites; Children's drawings; Dolly Nampijimpa Daniels; Dundee; Edith Bavin; Park Place Nursery School; Park Place Primary School; Roger Wales; Ruby Nakamarra Collins; Yuendumu School
Subject terms: Art, Aboriginal Australian; Art, British; Children's drawings--Psychological aspects; Semiotics
Footage description: Footage - Children's drawings of playgrounds, scribble, people. Children in playground of Park Place School, Dundee playing various games. Group of Aboriginal adults & children engaged in body painting. Child drawing at table (0'20"-1'57") - Peter Willats talking to child interspersed with child drawing and details of drawing. Peter sitting with 2 girls drawing. Details of drawings. Drawings by 3 & 4 year olds (1'58"-4'46") - Peter with boy drawing. Peter speaking to boy. Boy drawing. Detail of drawing. Drawings by 4 year olds. Aboriginal children drawing, standing in street, 2 girls walking, child with dogs. Aborigines sitting outside. Humpies (shelters). Child running, children on bikes. Yuenduma School sign. Teacher & child. Child drawing. Detail of drawing (4'47"-7'38") - Roger Wales reading then writing. Roger speaking. Aboriginal children drawing. Teacher speaking to child drawing. Children drawing. Aboriginal group sitting outside. Drawings in sand. Close ups of people. Close ups of children. Colours being extracted from rock. Body painting. Children dancing (7'39"-11'10") - Aboriginal art on canvas in art gallery. Detail of art. Aborigines drawing in sand & telling stories. Aboriginal children drawing at school. Drawings. Edith Bavin speaking. Women looking at Aboriginal art on ground. Edith speaking. Shots of Aboriginal children drawing in school (11'10"-15'59") - Children in Dundee classroom. Various drawings. Peter Willats sitting with various children drawing. Aboriginal child drawing. Detail of drawing. Rubber balls. Peter speaking to child. Child draws balls. Peter setting up Lego figures. Child draws figures. Drawing. Boy drawing rubber balls (16'00"-19'54") - Aboriginal boy drawing 2 apples, Lego figures. Peter sitting with 2 girls drawing in Dundee School. Details of drawings. Children drawing. Aboriginal children drawing. Aboriginal children dancing. Aboriginal girl kneeling, standing then dancing (19'55"-24'02").
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