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This programme looks at musical talent or giftedness in young people. Shot at the Chethams school of music in Manchester. Recent research by Professor Michael Howe and John Sloboda on the developme...nt of musical ability is presented, illustrated by portraits of six of the young players. Participants discuss the early talent of Mozart, and opinions are given on the veracity of many of the stories about him. General ideas about the development of gifted children in all spheres are explored with Professor Joan Freeman, and illustrated by the work of children at Cademuir School, on the outskirts of Peebles.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 11
First transmission date: 1994
Published: 1994
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Anne Diack
Contributors: Michael Howe; Lanabros Lambrou; Andrew Sachs
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Audition; Cognitive development; Expert; Gifted; Jane Davidson; Joan Freeman; Michael Brewer; Music; Music school; Musical talent; Parental encouragement; Peter Hullah; Prodigy; Psychological development
Subject terms: Children--Music; Exceptional children; Gifted children; Musical ability
Footage description: Footage - Steinway piano being played. Lambros Lambrou playing piano. Lambros walking over bridge in Cambridge. Kings College pan to people walking. Lambros walking through gates of Kings College. Lambros looking at notice board. Lambros speaking. Lambros playing piano. Hands (0'21"-2'43") - Mozart score. Drawing of Mozart as child with 2 musicians. Michael Howe speaking. Drawing of Mozart. Howe speaking. Painting of Mozart as child. Jane Davidson speaking (2'44"-4'34") - Pan in from landscape to Cademuir International School for Gifted Children. Joan Freeman walking in school grounds. School buildings. Joan in classroom. Children & teacher. Joan speaking. Science lesson. Boys heating test tubes. Girls' choir. Woman conducting. Joan watching. Girls' choir (4'35"-6'48") - Michael Howe walking down street past street organs. Howe speaking. Children watching organs. Youth playing xylophone panning to whole orchestra (6'49"-8'07"). Man walking through arch. Pan up to sign: Chetham's School of Music. Girls descending steps. Peter Hullah speaking. Youth walking. Office: Michael Brewer on phone, secretary. Brewer speaking (8'08"-9'38") - Girl playing piano. Brewer & woman observing girl playing. Brewer talking to girl. Girl singing. Girl in class at table, pan across room to teacher & children (9'39"-11'16") - Interior of music shop. Brewer enters. John Sloboda speaking. Chetham's School Orchestra: various musicians playing. Sloboda speaking. Feet jumping. Girl (Alison) in PE lesson. Alison speaking, playing flute. Alison's parents speaking. Sloboda speaking. Alison in classroom (11'17"-14'30") - Peter Hullah sitting with pupils. Youth (David). David playing euphonium. David's parents speaking. David's fingers playing. David's parents speaking. David speaking (14'31"-15'59"). Youth (Ben) playing violin. Ben speaking. Ben's father speaking. Ben playing violin. Photo Ben. Ben's father speaking. Ben speaking. Jane Davidson speaking to girl (Claire). Claire in class. Claire playing piano, speaking, playing (16'00"-20'09") - Youth lifting weights. Youth (Andrew) in class. Andrew playing xylophone. Andrew speaking, demonstrating playing xylophone. Chetham's School Orchestra performing: various musicians playing interspersed with conductor and Andrew playing xylophone (20'10"-22'46") - Michael Howe speaking. Audience. Orchestra performing. Audience clapping panning to orchestra standing (22'47"-24'20").
Master spool number: DOU7439
Production number: FOUE307N
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