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This programme examines the contribution of psychology to debates about the impact of new technology on children's social and intellectual development. Using archive film it looks at two examples o...f technology from previous decades - the Teaching Machine and Logo - as well as more recent developments.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 12
First transmission date: 1995
Published: 1995
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Duration: 00:24:15
Note: Note:this programme was also used for Showcase 1(1994).
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Producer: Paul Manners
Contributor: Andrew Sachs
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Behaviourism; Intellectual development; Literacy; Psychology
Subject terms: Computers and children; Computers--Social aspects
Footage description: Footage - B/w footage from BBC Horizon "Learning from Machines" children using teaching machine. Footage from BBC Horizon "Painting by numbers".. Bay playing on machine in arcade. Boy in a room playing on computer game Camera shows room with several people playing on a variety of games machines. Sonic the Hedgehog scene. Boy's face. Sonic the hedgehog. Boy talking. Two girls playing on Ecodolphin. Street fighter II scene. Girl talking. Scene from Street Fighter II. Hands operating Super Nintendo controls. Monkey Island scene (0'19"-2'35") - Margaret Meek speaking, game scene in background. Margaret Shotton speaking. View of chimney tops and aerials panning to ground floor window and moving along the row of houses looking in through ground floor windows. Margaret Shotton (2'36" -4' 04") - Two girls looking at TV scene. Spaceship Warlock scene. Margaret Meek with article in background. Margaret Shotton with newspaper article in background. Customer entering the shop. Game. Group of girls. Boy looking down. Sega portable game. Hand operating Super Nintendo controls, panning to TV showing Street Fighter II scene. Face (4'05"-5'35") - Stephen Heppell speaking. B/w footage BBC "Watch with Mother" and "Andy Pandy". Hand picks up disk and inserts into machine. Various scenes of female being viewed with walkman, video camera, Ghetto blaster, mobile phone, camera, mobile phone operating a video player. Child standing by a wall. Stephen Heppell (5'36"-7'33") - B/w footage from BBC Horizon "Learing from machine" children sitting at carrols wearing headphones, Professor Skinner, trained pigeon performing tasks, girl using teaching machine. David Wood speaking. B/w footage from BBC Horizon "Learning from machines", Professor Skinner, trained pigeon performing tasks (7'34"-10'02") - Charles Crook speaking. B/w footage of trained pigeon. David Wood. Toddler walks across living room. presses 4 keys on keyboard and horse dances across a TV screen. Toddler laughs. Footage from BBC Horizon "Talking Turtle" Moving turtle machine interspersed with girl at keyboard. View of room from above showing girl at keyboard and moving turtle. Children using computers. 3 boys of of them speaking to camera (10'03"- 12'29") - Seymour Papert speaking. 3 boys around computer, one operates the computer. Charles Crook. Footage of BBC Horizon "Talking turtle" children looking at moving turtle. Objects moving on screen. Footage from BBC Horizon "Talking Turtle". Children in classroom using crayons and glue. Girl building with blocks. Children playing with sand and water. Seymour Papert. Footage BBC Horizon "Talking Turtle", children observing turtle. David Wood (12'30"-14'47") Child building with blocks. David Wood. Footage BBC Horizon "Talking turtle". Keyboard, screen, pyramid on slats. Stills of computer advertisments. David Wood. Hand on keyboard, camera then panns around to an office (14'48"-17'01") - Shot of Greek building. Writing in stone. Margaret Meek. Inscription in stone. Room with electronic games, zooms to boy looking at a TV screen, panning to Stephen Heppell and boy using computer game. View of children in room with computers. Stephen Heppell. Several views of 3 children and an adult looking at a computer game. Charles Crook. Sceen from electronic game. Several views of 3 children and an adult looking at a computer game (17'02"-19'17") - Footage from History file "Expansion, trade and industry. David Wood. Finger selecting option on screen. David Wood. Images from History file. Maragret Meek. Computer animation. Footage of factory machinery. Margaret Meek. Book shelf panning down male using computer, close-up of screen. Boxes of PC games. David Wood (19'18"-22'02") - B/w footage of children in a classroom. Margaret Meek. Sonic Hedgehog 2 game. Margaret Meek. Ecodolphin. Girl's face. Children working at desks in library panning down to more desks and children using a computer. Fingers on a keyboard. Hand moving mouse. Boy's face. Face reflected in screen. David Wood. B/w footage: BBC Horizon "Learning from machines", children working with headphones (22'03"-24'00")
Master spool number: DOU7449
Production number: FOUE308H
Videofinder number: 4582
Available to public: no