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This programme intersperses sequences of children talking about their understanding of various natural phenomena with contributions from experts who help us appreciate the intrinsic interest of the... children's thinking strategies and styles.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 09
First transmission date: 1994
Published: 1994
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Duration: 00:24:01
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Producer: Meg Sheffield
Contributors: Rosalind Driver; Andrew Sachs
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Air pressure; Anne Rogers; Anthony Richards; Bernard Hawkins; Castledown Primary School, Hastings; Density; Flotation; Gravity; Headington Middle School; James Harper; Ken richardson; Lewis Wolpert; Middle school; Oxford; Physical world; Planetry motion; Rosalind Driver; Terezinha Nunes; Windmill School, Oxford
Subject terms: Child development; Educational psychology; Learning, psychology of; Science--Study and teaching; Thought and thinking
Footage description: Footage - Launch Pad in the Science Museum, London: children & adults engaged in various hands-on activities. 3 children sitting with organiser Anthony Richards. Children studying various weights. Anthony speaking to children (0'23"-2'05") - Rosalind Driver speaking. Classroom: children drawing at tables. Terezhina Nunes teaching class. Close ups of children's drawings and of children. Terezhina speaking. Drawings. Terezhina talking to boy about his drawing. Close up of drawing. Terezhina talking to boy (2'06"-5'36") - Lewis Wolpert speaking. Terezhina teaching class. Children running past basket and dropping balls into it. Slow motion shots. Terezhina speaking. Terezhina teaching class. Close ups of drawings. Lewis speaking. Drawing of figures dropping balls. Terezhina talking to boy. Close up of boy speaking. Drawing (5'37"-9'21"). Lewis speaking. Classroom: children at tables putting hands into tanks of water & 'printing' hands on paper. Children holding up 'prints'. Ken Richardson teaching class. Children answering questions. Close ups of children. Children drawing. Rosalind speaking. Drawing. Ken talking to boy. Drawings (9'22"-13'11") - Rosalind speaking. Boy sucking water up a straw. Rosalind speaking. Girl sucking water up a straw. Ken talking to class. Children drawing & writing. Rosalind speaking. Drawings. Ken talking to girl. Children drawing up water with syringes. Ken talking to boy. Syringe in water (13'12"-16'16") - Terezhina speaking. Science Museum sign. Lewis speaking. Science Museum sign. Lewis speaking. Rosalind speaking. Terezhina speaking to girls at classroom table. Girls studying objects. Terezhina speaking to girls. Girls studying weights of objects. Terezhina speaking (16'17"-19'57"). Objects in tank of water. Close up girl speaking. Terezhina talking to girls. Girls speaking. Ken talking to 2 boys. Boys speaking. Object being placed in tank of water. List of objects. Boys speaking in turn (19'58"-22'13") - Lewis speaking. Man & woman with Anthony Richards at the Science Museum studying weights. Adults speaking. Man engaged in Launch Pad activity: balancing weights (22'14"-24'05").
Master spool number: DOU7491
Production number: FOUE311P
Videofinder number: 4442
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