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This programme looks at the ways children can be helped to develop co-operative behaviour through play. it looks in some detail at behaviour in the playground, as well as looking at the social inte...raction of toddlers at home and at the nursery school. It also looks at how certain games and techniques can be used succesfully by teachers and psychologists.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 05
First transmission date: 1995
Published: 1995
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Duration: 00:24:06
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Producer: Rosemary Hill
Contributors: Peter Blatchford; Adrian Bloxham; Helen Cowie; Judy Dunn; Jim Lewis; Sonia Sharp; Anna Smith
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Circle Time; Ginny Rhodes; Hillfields Nursery Centre; IPR - Interpersonal Recall; Jenny Mosely; Matravers School; Playground; Social Intelligence; Whiteways Junior School; Wisewood Primary School
Subject terms: Child development; Playgrounds--Social aspects; Social interaction in children; Social perception in children
Footage description: Footage - B/w clip from "Lord of the Flies" 1963: boys carrying flaming torches. B/w film of boys fighting in playground, girls skipping. Girls playing hopscotch, chanting game, boys arguing. Peter Blatchford speaking. Boys play fighting. B/w film of children playing playground games, hands, children patting child (0'19"-2'26") - Peter Blatchford speaking. B/w clip from "Lord of the Flies" 1963: boys at 'meeting'. 2 children playing with doll at home. Judy Dunn speaking. 2 children arguing over toy. Judy Dunn speaking. 2 children playing with model figures. Judy Dunn speaking. Girls playing with cooking utensils. Boy shouting at one girl. Children playing with utensils. Adrian Bloxham speaking (2'27"-6'42") - Teacher and children seated at table chopping and grating vegetables. Child chopping vegetables. Clip from film "All Our Children, 1990": Child's playhouse in garden. 2 sisters dressed as witches, playing. Playhouse. Girl collecting imaginary 'objects' for game.;Girl passes soft toy to her sister who gives it a 'drink'. View of playhouse and surrounding countryside (6'43"-8'46") - Helen Cowie and children seated at table. Children completing rabbit jigsaws. Another group of children completing jigsaws. 2 girls arguing. Close ups of children. Helen Cowie interviewing second group. Helen Cowie speaking (8'47"-12'12") - Playground: 3 children doing handstands, girls playing clapping game. Playground scenes. Girls playing chanting/circle game. Man and 3 girls viewing video footage of the girls playing. Man and girls discussing video. Boys arm wrestling, boys running with football, boys arm wrestling (12'13"-14'47") - B/w clip from "Lord of the Flies": boys arguing. Children in playground playing different games. Climbing frame. Rope ladder. Children climbing, jumping off frame. Boy speaking. Girl speaking. Sonia Sharp speaking (14'48"-17'16").;Playground scenes. Ginny Rhodes speaking. B/w clip from "Lord of the Flies": 2 boys talking. Peter Blatchford speaking. Woman hugs girl in playground. Peter Blatchford speaking. B/w clip from "Lord of the Flies" : waves, body floating in sea (17'17"-20'18") - Jenny Mosley and class of children seated in circle playing clapping game. Jenny Mosley speaking. Jenny speaking to children. Boy speaking. Jenny speaking. Children speaking. Close ups of children. Playground: 2 girls playing clapping game, 2 boys arguing, girls playing hopscotch, boys arm wrestling, girls playing chanting circle game (20'19"-24'23").
Master spool number: DOU7858
Production number: FOUE331X
Videofinder number: 4810
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