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This programme looks at a group of BBC trainees as they learn to write scripts for TV news broadcasts.
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Module code and title: U210, "The English language: past, present and future"
Item code: U210; 07
First transmission date: 1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:23:55
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video U210/4,5,6,7.
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Producer: Paul Manners
Contributors: Rona Christie; Andrew Gillman; Shahnaz Pakravan; Rick Thompson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): English language; Journalists; News on television; The Day Today; Trainees
Subject terms: Criticism; Journalism--Objectivity; Journalism; Television broadcasting of news
Footage description: Footage - Scenes in a production studio. Clock. "On air" sign. BBC One o'clock News titles. Rick Thompson in open plan office. Scenes in production studio. Footage of BBC news. Production studio with several wall mounted TV monitors. Rona Christie. Views of production studio(0'29"-1'51") - Footage from"The day today interspersed with Andrew Gillman talking(1'52"-4'10") - News journalist trainees group in small room seated at tables with pcs interspersed with Footage from new extracts "Freezing Moscow". Rona Christie(4'11"-6'33") - Rick Thompson. James Helm. Footage of "Freezing Moscow". James Helm. Journalist trainees group using Pc's. Footage from "The day today" interspersed with Rick Thompson. Russell Hilliard. Footage from "The day today" interspersed with Richard Norley. Rick Thompson. Footage from "The day today". Andrew Gillman. Footage from "The day today". Rebecca Front(6'34"-13'18") - Journalist trainees group. Rona Christie.Journalist trainee group interspersed with Rick Thompson. Rona Christie. Journalist trainees in edit studio. Rick Thompson. Journalist trainees in edit studio. Footage from"The day today". Andrew Gillman. Footage from"The day today" interspersed with David Fairhead. Rebecca Front. Footage from "The day today"(13'19"-20'30") Journalist trainees standing in corridor. Trainees being filmed reading news item. Rona Christie. BBC news titles. B/w news footage of Berlin during WW2. News footage of cranes and streets scenes of Berlin today. James Helm. Journalist trainees reporting the news. Rick Thompson(20'31"-23'55").
Master spool number: DOU8006
Production number: FOUE339A
Videofinder number: 4964
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