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This programme looks at three families in Bangalore who have choosen to send their children to three very different kinds of English-medium schools.
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Module code and title: U210, "The English language: past, present and future"
Item code: U210; 06
First transmission date: 08-11-1995
Published: 1995
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Duration: 00:23:54
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Producer: Paul Manners
Contributors: Chidanada Murthy; Shahnaz Pakravan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bangalore; Bishop Cotton Girls' High School; English-medium education; India
Subject terms: Education and state--India; Education--Social aspects--India; Language policy--India; Education--Political aspects--India; Schools, British--India
Footage description: Footage - Bishop Cotton schoolgirls singing in open air assembly. Ranica Barua. Children in prayer at assembly. Dr Chidanada Murthy. Group dancing in National costume at the Rajyotsava festival. Audience. Dr Chidanada Murthy. Dancing at the Rajyotsava festival(0'29"-3'53") - Dr Narasimhaiah. Mr & Mrs Barua seated in their home. Street scene. View of Bishop Cotton High school and playground scene. Teacher entering classroom and girls standing up. Ranica Barua. Girls in classroom. Views of The Barua family at home and eating a meal(3'54"-7'15") - Street scene. Ranica Barua. Shop front and lights. Dr Chidanada Murthy. Aerial shot of busy street scene. Exterior shot of government building. Dr Chidanada Murthy. School children in prayer at the Government girls high school. Girls in classroom. Thara playing outside her home watched by a group of girls. Thara's Mother and Father. Thara and children on floor eating meal, Father and Mother seated to eat. View of Thara's home. Thara moving through rooms with flame on plate(7'16"-13'16") - Various shots of school children in assembly seated on the floor in the open air. Children in classroom at the National High school. Harish's father. Harish. Harish and other pupils in classroom. Dr Narasimhaian. Display of dancing(13'17"-17'35") - Justice Rama Jois. Display of dancing. M Veerappa Moily. Children singing "How much is that doggy in the window?" at Bishop Cotton School. Justice Rama Jois. Children singing. Indian family seated on the floor eating their meal. Sushma's Father seated on chair, Sushma's Mother sitting on window ledge. Sushma singing. Mother and Father on rooftop. Boy seated on floor of room with a poster on the wall. Sushma's Father(17'36"-21'19") - Children in assembly. Children at Bishop Cotton school singing. Girls in group seated on the floor, two hand clapping. Dr Chindanada Murthy. Class at Bishop Cotton. Mr & Mrs Barua. Ranica Barua. Dancing perofrmed in National costume(21'20"-24'00").
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