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1. The first part of the video features the designer of the 'Pink vacuum cleaner' which uses the cyclone principle to produce a more powerful cleaning machine. -- 2. The second part of the video lo...oks at Mark Sanders' portable bike. -- 3. The third section looks at a robotic arm know as the 'Puma', it demonstrates spot welding and spraying. Peter Evans explains how the joint movement servo system works in a loop where a computer output system is amplified, which drives a motor which turns some gearing which moves the joint.
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Module code and title: E650, Design and technology in the secondary curriculum
Item code: E650; VCR
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Contributors: James Dyson; Peter Evans; Robin Roy; Mark Sanders; David Williams
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Configuration; Cyclone; Design concept; Design principles; Prototype; Visual
Subject terms: Design--Technological innovations; Engineering; Inventions; Vacuum cleaners
Master spool number: HOU8085
Production number: FOUE345P
Videofinder number: 4931
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