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This programme looks at what its like to grow up speaking English as a language in a community where more than one language is used.
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Module code and title: U210, "The English language: past, present and future"
Item code: U210; 05
First transmission date: 26-06-1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:24:06
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Producer: Anne Diack
Contributors: Lan Chee Chong; Rehman Rashid; David Yip
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Chinese dancing; International communication; Singapore; Welsh Language
Subject terms: English language--Study and teaching
Footage description: Footage - Wire with small light bulbs. Banners and beads. Huh Hot national song and dance ensemble performing Chinese dancing in a shopping centre. Crowd watching Chinese dancers. Lau Chee Chong. View of dancers and audience in shopping centre(0'28"-2'19") - Buildings. Street scene. Sign. Building. Open plan office. Street scene with street traders in Singapore. View of Singapore. Cricket match. Cricket score board. View of cricket pitch and buildings in background. External views of Raffles, Singapore. Building amongst trees. Rehman Rashid on balcony. Philip Jeyaretnam walking into building, looking at PC,moving to bookcase(2'20"-5'17") - Chinese dancing. Tourists taking pictures. View of bells around ankle of dancer. Dancers performing. Catherine Lim. Dancers peforming,one dancer with scarves. Commuters. Children in classroom singing "Incy bitsy spider". Children playing. Lau Siew Kwi and Chee Chong in shop looking at a mirror. Lau Siew Kwi. Lau Siew Kwi with children seated at table ordering food. Lau Siew Kwi. Children playing Cluedo(5'18"-10'14") - Anglo Chinese school, Baker Road exterior. Children seated on the floor singing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands". Lau Siew Kwi. Children in class listening to Chee Chong describing an object. Children entering through a doorway. Children in classroom. Shopping centre. View of buildings. View of daffodils with building in background. View of Motto over a doorway. Coat of arms on gate. Street scene. Visitors information sign. Children singing. Children reciting poetry with other children behind him. Children in classroom. Jen Wilson playing piano. B/w still of Jen's mother. B/w still Jen's mother. B/w still of mother and daughter. B/w footage of demonstration. Signs in Welsh and English. Street scene(10'15"-16'02") - Edward Thomas. Shoppers. Edward Thomas. Entrance to St David's centre. Shop window. People entering shopping centre. Edward Thomas. Entrance to Techniquest, Cardiff. Ann Davies and family in techniquest cafe. B/w still of members of the Davies family. Children operating switches in Techniquest. Zac Davies. Children looking in distorted mirror. Ann Davies. Children in Harp lessons. Trystan walking to Ysgol Gymraeg Melin gruffydd(school). Children sing "Incy Bitsy spider" in Welsh. Teacher reading to children. Children in group. Trystan at home sitting by racing track. Trystan writing in class. Zac Davies. Children in Techniquest. Sain Ffagan grocery store. School children singing. Ann Davies. Children watching harp players. Children in Techniquest(16'02"-24'04").
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Production number: FOUE351E
Videofinder number: 5082
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