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This programme looks at the different contexts and countries in which the language dominates in education, pop music, advertising and the internet.
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Module code and title: U210, "The English language: past, present and future"
Item code: U210; 08
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:25:06
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Producer: Paul Manners
Contributors: David Crystal; Stuart Hall
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aboriginal protest concert; Advertisements; Australia; Indian music; Language
Subject terms: English language--Foreign countries; English language--Usage; English language--Variation; Languages in contact
Footage description: Footage - View of Aboriginal protest concert, Sydney, Australia. Girl blowing a balloon. Woman talking. Views of Aboriginal protest concert. Stuart Hall. Footage of "Mangta Hai". Stuart Hall. RTL promo with music. Ulrike Meinhof(0'29"-2'08") - Book called "English" on production line. Stuart Hall. "English" on production line. B/w footage of "Cable and wireless" advertisment. David Crystal with Cable and wireless footage in background. Sony advertisment. Ulrike Meinhof interspersed with C & A advert. Wilkinson sword advert. Sony mini disc advert(2'09"-4'35") - World service relay station. People from Singapore, Indi and Mozambique listening to the radio. Plaque- British Broadcasting Corporation world service panning to Bush House entrance. Male in sound studio. Penny Tuerk. Pylons. Redemption song. Scenes from Harrison College. Stuart Hall in classroom. Views of pupils in class. Board showing Rhodes scholars. Louise Bennett reciting "The lift". Stuart Hall(4'36"-7'12"). Classroom in Sydney, Australia. David Crystal. Taiwan puplis participating in exercises held in courtyard. David Crystal. Classroom scene. Footage from "Zee TV". Shabha Das. Footage from "Zee TV". Audi advert. Ulrike Meinhof.(7'13"-9'48") - View of bridge and river in Bedford. Street scene. Ben Rampton. Boy having microphone fitted to his tie. School canteen. Children eating. Children outside school. Ben Rampton. Several audio cassettes on bookshelves. Cassette player. Ben Rampton at desk listening to cassette. Footage of video by Apache Indi "Arranged marriage". Jonathan Marcus reporting from California, USA. Penny Tuerk. Tape turning. Simon Cox and Mary Hockaday in office. Audio tape machine. Penny Tuerk. Simon Cox and Mary Hockaday in office. Penny Tuerk. Footage from "Tomorrows world"(9'49"-14'33") - House in english countryside panning to person at desk through a window. David Crystal. Internet page. Peter Armstrong. Internet page. Anuradha Vittachi. Internet page. Peter Armstrong. B/w footage from "Cable and wireless" advert. David Crystal. Keyboard. David Crystal. Anuradha Vittachi. Internet page(14'34"-17'21") - Footage from "BBC news" showing DJ. Stuart Hall. Body shop in France. Stuart Hall. Indian family watching TV. Shobha Das. Alaska car plate panning to Alaskan landscape. Classroom. Group of males in classroom. Female teacher(17'22"-20'47") - Pop music channel-Baba Seghal. Stuart Hall. Shobha Das. MTV Asia. David Crystal. MTV Asia. David Crystal. Globe(20'48"-23'58").
Master spool number: DOU9257
Production number: FOUE400F
Videofinder number: 5381
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