21st anniversary of OU programmes - a look at BBC video and storage area. A look at Education in the forces - German bases visited. Interview with new Professor of Science.
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Series: Open Forum
Recording location: Milton Keynes
First transmission date: 1992-02-16
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:25:24
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Producer: Jean Rowton
Presenter: Howard Stableford
Contributors: Paul Bachise; Diane Kemp; Clive Holloway; Meg Sheffield; Robin Riall; Jan Budd; Ian Griffiths; Bob Schofield; Chris Bristow; Dennis Carter; Dacre Holloway; Jocelyn Bell Burnell ; Denis Granville
Publisher: The Open University
Subject terms: Distance education;
Production number: FOUF195X
Videofinder number: 4207
Available to public: yes