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A visit to National Helpline Centre at Sheffield during Adult Learners week. Second chance - Manchester - interview with Mike Harding who talks about the second chance for adults.
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Series: Open Forum; Series 1992
Episode 92 Mar
First transmission date: 15-03-1992
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:24:15
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Producer: Jean Rowton
Contributors: Mike Harding; Diane Kemp; Howard Stableford; Paul Moore; Joanne Holt; Andrew Northedge; Gina Bridgeland; Lai Yeet; Suzanne Chiu; Esther Wu
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Adult Learners Week; Manchester; National Helpline Centre; Second Chance Project; Sheffield
Master spool number: HOU7178
Production number: FOUF196R
Videofinder number: 4208
Available to public: no