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Module code and title: L130, Auftakt: intermediate German
Item code: L130; VCR4
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:29:56
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Producer: Ian Lewis
Contributors: Ilona Bitzer; Rudolf Dobler; Andreas Feldtkeller; Stephan Grothgar; Sibylle Hartman; Kurt Hensch; Rudolf Huber; Gesine Juttner; Daniela Krafak; Alice Kurz; Rudolf Kust; Gunter Leypoldt; Friedrich Magirius; W.(Wolfgang) Rotzsch; Georg Rubling; Johanna Schmidt; Wilfried Setzler; Gabriele Steffen; Wolfgang Utz; Dorothea Vogel;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Germany
Footage description: Footage - Titles. External view of building zooming to a window.Gabriel Steffen enters an office and walks up to female seated at a desk. Gabriele Steffen interspersed with street scenes. Sign on building. External view of building panning out. Andreas Feldtkeller. View of buildings. Gabriele Steffen. Male speaking. Two children enter a building through a door. External view of a building. Male looking through binoculars then waves towards camera. map. Gabriele Steffen. Wilfried Setzler(0'01"-4'24") Titles. View of street panning down to cardboard and paper for re-cycling. External view of house. Sibylle Hartmann shows the drawers she keeps materials for recycling. sibylle Hartmann. Plan. Sibylle Hartmann. Traffic scene. Wilfried Setzler. Traffic scene. Sibylle Hartmann. View of female driving a car. Wilfried setzler. Sibylle Hartmann.Traffic scene (4'54"-9'45") titles. Wilfried Setzler. Rudolf Kost. Ilona Bitzer. Rudolf Kost. Walter Utz. Gunter Leypoldt. Alice Kurz. Rudolf Gubler(9'46"-14'30") Titles. Demonstrations. brandenburg gate crowds. Church tower panning down to the base. Friedrich Magirius speaks from inside a church interspersed with demonstration footage. Katrin Hart interspersed with demonstration footage. Gesine Juttner interspersed with demonstration footage. Press conference. Demonstration and the fall of the Berlin wall footage(14'31"-19'29") Titles skyline of town being rebuilt. Frieze on side of building. View of construction works. Men on scaffold outside building. Crane at side of building. Construction site. rudolf Huber. External views of building. model of new construction. Building site. various street scenes. Display of shoes. Street scene. Gesine Juttner. Interspersed with night time street scene. Poster (19'30-24'22") Georg Rubling driving car. gesine Juttner. Johanna Schmidt. Dorothea Vogel. Johanna Schmidt. Kutt Hensch. Angelika Frenzel. Gesine Juttner. Friedrich Magirius(24'23"-28'58")
Master spool number: DOU8389
Production number: FOUL017T
Videofinder number: 5502
Available to public: no