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Module code and title: L130, Auftakt: intermediate German
Item code: L130; VCR2
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:29:43
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Producer: Ian Lewis
Contributors: Peter Bosch; Margot Frenken; Gunter Leypoldt
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Germany
Footage description: Footage - Titles. View of Leipzig from rooftop. Pianist and Dorothea Vogel playing a violin. Construction workers. Thomas Walter. External view of building. Brass Plaque. Bust of musician. Dorothea Vogel. View of building site from moving vehicle. Thomas Walter. Male driving pickup truck into hanger type building. Thomas Walter. Thomas Walter walking pass large metal constructions. Thomas Walter walks towards someone welding. Thomas Walter(0'01"-2'51") Cars parked outside building. Dorothea enters building. Dorothea opens violin case, tightens bow, extracts violin. Dorothea exits from room carrying violin, walks along corridor to orchestra pit(2'52"-4'17") Sheet music Brahms- violin sonaten). Male plays piano camera pans up to Dorothea playing the violin. Dorothea Vogel. Back of Dorothea playing the violin(4'18"-5'09") Titles. View of town by a river. People cross a bridge. Wolfgang Fritz walks along street and enters building. Male cutting wood. Wolfgang Fritz. Female talks to Wolfgang. Male working with wood(5'10"-6'20) Park. Peter Bosch. Park. Flowers. male reversing tractor. Machinery sorting grain. Male opens brown bag. Grain poured into brown bag. male pushing barrow with brown bag on, up a ramp onto a truck. Male fitting glass into frame. Male working with wood. 2 males eating being greeted by a 3rd male. Male carries large pane of glass, a female then talks to him (6'21"-8'36") Family meal time. Male shovels hay into cattle stall. View of cows. Male. Male takes milking machine off cow. Cow. Man milks cow by hand. cat drinks from bucket. Wolfgang and older male cut glass. Wolfgang Fritz. Older male working with wood (8'37"-10'06") Title. Edith Gahre. Wilfried Setzler. Edith Gahre. Georg Rubling driving a car. Wilfried Setzler. Renate Baumeister. Hans-Peter Baumeister. Renate Baumeister. Hans-Peter Baumeister(10'07"-14'58") Title. 2 people walking in park. View of house. View of countryside. House on hill. Cemetary. View of building. View of town. Rudolf Dobler . 3 males walking. Rudolf Kost. View of building. 3 males walk to view point, look at panarama then continue to walk(14'59"-18'11") Views of girl band rehearsing (18'12"-19'52") Title. Pianist. Bust with framed photo beside it. Clock. 3 people dressed as clowns. Sign. Male smoking. Framed photo. Male playing the piano. Katrin Hart interspersed with footage from "Kabarett nichts ist unmoglich"(19'53"-24'06") Hans-Peter Baumeister. Renate Baumeister. Max Baumeister. Dorothea Vogel. Alice Kurz. Margot Frenken. Gunter Leypoldt. Peter Bosch(24'07"-28'.50")
Master spool number: DOU8387
Production number: FOUL018N
Videofinder number: 5756
Available to public: no