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Module code and title: L130, Auftakt: intermediate German
Item code: L130; VCR3
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:30:00
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Producer: Ian Lewis
Contributors: Eberhard Allmendinger; Monika Andacic; Petra Asmus; Lucy Baumeister; Renate Baumeister; Ilora Bitzer; Rudolf Dodler; Margot Frenken; Angelika Frenzel; Antje Frenzel; Christine Frenzel; Conrad Frenzel; Reinhold Gaum; Stephan Grothgar; Frans-Josef Grummer; Katrin Hart; Kurt Hensch; Dietmar Kantze; Renate Kollberg; Alice Kurz; Alette Lawson; Gunter Leypoldt; Diana Ludwig; Ivica Medugorac; W.(Wolfgang) Rotzsch; Georg Rubling; Johanna Schmidt; Wilfried Setzler; Walter Utz; Manuela Voigt;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Germany; Gymnasium; Marriage Ceremony; Step-up Class
Footage description: Footage- Titles. People walk towards a street market. Female hold a bunch of flowers talking to two other people. People walking around the street market. Female registrar walks past bride and groom. Bride and groom sit. Female registrar sits behind desk. Ilona Bitzer. Views of the bride, groom and witnesses signing the register. Ilona hold a piece of paper. Bride and groom. Bride and groom kiss, then congratulated by guests. Ilona Bitzer. Another bride and groom getting married. Rings are placed on fingers. Views of the guests. Monika Medugorac. Views of Monika's wedding reception(00'01-04'22") Title. Church at night. Father Christmas on horse drawn cart at night. Views of market at night. Carousel. Angelika Frenzel with her baby. Frenzel family seated around a coffee table. External view of building paning down to children on a carousel. Views of the market. Diana Ludwig behind her market stall. External view of building. Christine Frenzel speaking. Frenzel family. Carousel at night. Angelika Frenzel(4'23"-9'19") Title. Wilfried Setzler. Lucy Baumeister. Wilfried Setzler. Thomas Walker. Georg Rubling. Renate Kollberg. Rudolf Dubler. Alice Kurz. Walter Utz(9'20"-14'17") Title. Reinhold Gaum. Renate Baumeister. Reinhold Gaum. Gunter Laypoldt. Renate Baumeister. Johanna Schmidt. Alice Kurz. Katrin Hart. Wolfgang Rotzsch (14'18"- 19'10"). Title. Female walking down the street. Views inside a resturant. Margot Frenken. Views inside a resturant. Margot preparing a dish served in the resturant. Meal served to a diner. Wilfried Setzler. View of street. External view of shop. Internal view of shop. Petra Asmus inside shop. Customer inside shop. Petra serves a customer. Eberhard Allmendinger. Petra serving a customer(19'11"-24'17") Title. 2 people eating. Male cooking food. Views of people eating. Inside a cafe. Various shots of different breads, cakes and pastries. View of a shop, panning to a sign on the wall. dimly lit bar. waitress taking orders from customers. Kurt Hensch. Waitresses taking plates of prepared meals to customers. Kurt Hensch. Views of kitchen. Kurt Hensch(24'18"-27'30") Views of a fitness class. dietmar Kantzl. Reception area of fitness club. Views of people using exercise equipment Manuela Voigt(27'31"-29'11")
Master spool number: DOU8388
Production number: FOUL019H
Videofinder number: 5758
Available to public: no