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Daniel Lunn and Anne Walton, on the campus at Exeter University, introduce the programme. Daniel Lunn introduces an experiment on flow problems. He explains how the apparatus works (Dye streams ar...e introduced into water flowing) between 2 glass plates from a source to a sink, Lunn goes on to carry out the experiment to show with the aid of animations, the connection between surface and volume integrals, thus proving the divergence theorem. Lunn, still with the flow tank apparatus above, goes on to demonstrate the physical content of the divergence theorem. Anne Walton conducts an experiment in which div is seen not in terms of inflow and outflow of fluid but rather as a magnetic field. She and Daniel Lunn, with the aid of animations, work out the divergence of the magnetic field. Daniel Lunn examines a flow tank in which the field flow is seen from above. A bubble device allows one to see that the velocity of flow varies with distance from the edge. He and Anne Walton then work out the curl of flow vector and confirm the result with a physical demonstration in the flow tank. Anne Walton next works out the difference that distance from the edge of the flow makes to the curl. Daniel Lunn demonstrates that this is so with a flow tank experiment. He goes on to demonstrate the properties of curl by looking at rotation in the context of more advanced flow problems, in this case the rotation of a neutral buoyancy ball suspended in a fluid flow. Anne Walton very briefly sums up the programme.
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Module code and title: MS283, An introduction to calculus
Item code: MS283; 17
First transmission date: 10-10-1979
Published: 1979
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Producer: Ted Smith
Contributors: A. Daniel Lunn; Anne Walton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Boyancy ball; Curl; Divergence; Dye
Production number: FOUM050F
Videofinder number: 459
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