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This programme uses the methods of Fourier analysis to show that the response of any electronic reproduction device can be described by simply looking at its response to sinusoidal signals.
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Module code and title: MST204, Mathematical models and methods
Item code: MST204; 31
First transmission date: 1982
Published: 1982
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Glan Thomas
Contributors: John Berry; Dick Fendrich
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Electro-cardiographs; Frequency response; Galvanometers; Gramophones; Periodic signals; Record players; Sinusoidal waveforms; Tape recorders; Ultra-violet galvanometer
Subject terms: Fourier series
Master spool number: HOU3997
Production number: FOUM124J
Videofinder number: 4430
Available to public: no