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This progamme deals largely with the low-level mathematics of the Middle ages and it's application to problems of commerce and everyday life.
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Module code and title: MA290, Topics in the history of mathematics
Item code: MA290; 02
First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Duration: 00:24:41
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video MA290/1,2,3,4.
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Producer: Andrew Barker
Contributor: Graham Flegg
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Algebra; Commerce; Double false position; Every-day life; Fibonacci; Hindu-Arabic numerals; Islam; Middle Ages; Renaissance
Subject terms: Mathematics--History; Mathematics, Arab; Hindu mathematics
Footage description: Footage - "The school of Athens" by Sanzio. "Procession in Piazzo S.Marco" by Bellini. "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli. Page from Euclid's "Elements". Graham Flegg in studio setting with open book on table and painting. Animation with inset of Pacioli:Chuquet's "Triparty":Lucca Pacioli. Graham Flegg in Cambridge University library opening "Summa de arithmetica, geometrica, proportioni et proportionalita" and looking at several pages. Animation(0'05"-6'28") - Pages from Chuquets manuscript. Graham Flegg in one studio setting moving to another with open book on table and free standing candle holder. Title page of "Liber Abaci showing Fibonacci sequence. Graham Flegg in studio setting. Animation with inset of Leonardo. Graham Flegg in studio setting showing page from Liber-Abaci. Graham Flegg demonstrating Leonardo's calculation. Animation(6'29"-12'54") - Graham Flegg closing book and moving to another studio setting of an Arabic theme. Picture of Al Khwarizmi. Animation. Algorism manuscript in Latin. Algorism manuscript in Arabic. Animation. Pages in Arabic. Graham Flegg in studio setting. Animation. "Codex Vigilanus". Still of Gerbert - Pope Sylvester ll. Counters on counting board. B/w picture of men counting. B/w picture of Winged arithmetica. Woodcut of Pythagoras using abacus and Boethius as the algorist (Margarita philosophica). B/W picture of Merchant and clerk counting. Florentine banking scenes. Numeral table. Graham Flegg in studio setting. Page of fractions and decimals. Graham Flegg in studio setting. B/w picture of Simon Stevin. Title page and text of "De Thiende"(12'55"-24'13").
Master spool number: HOU5372
Production number: FOUM252W
Videofinder number: 4390
Available to public: no