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This programme shows how scientists and mathematicians began to organise themselves into scientific groups eventually forming the Royal Society.
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Module code and title: MA290, Topics in the history of mathematics
Item code: MA290; 04
First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Andrew Barker
Contributors: Carl Forgione; Norman Robinson; Allan Chapman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Mathematics; Newton
Subject terms: Royal Society History;
Footage description: Footage - Prince Charles II entrance into London(1660). Royal Charter of the Royal Society. Bust of Sir Francis Bacon and Aristotle. Title page "Instauratio Magna". Bust of Sir Francis Bacon with graphic sequence. Chemistry photo from "New Atlantis". Title page "New Atlantis". Thomas Gresham. Gresham College. Title page "Arithmetica Logarithmica". John Napier with graphic animation. Title page and page of tables from "Arithmetica Logarithmica"(0'06"-05'43") - Allan Chapman holding a pair of compasses and Gunter scale with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich behind. Gresham college. Courtyard Gresham college. Faithorne's map of London. Attack on Leith. Battle of Nazeby. 17th century map of Oxford. Picture of John Wallis and John Wilkins superimposed on map. Sketch of Wadham college with insets of Robert Boyle, Thomas Sprat, Henry Oldenburg and Christopher Wren. Sketch of Sheldonian theatre. External and internal views of the theatre. Portrait of Christopher Wren. Internal view of ceiling. Graphic model. Sketch of Sheldonian theatre. Views of ceiling and attic of Sheldonian theatre(5'44"-13'51") - Visschers map of London. Procession of Charles II. Notes from the first meeting of the Royal Society. Norman Robinson in the Royal Society library with book on table. Title page and pages from "Philosphical transactions". Norman Robinson closing book. Painting of "Ships in heavy seas" by Velde. Pilot book. Graphic animation. Allan Chapman beside a telescope. Antique clock. Allan Chapman. Picture of John Flamsteed. Royal Greenwich observatory(13'52"-20'14") - Allan Chapman with Greenwich observatory in background. Allan Chapman moving to Meridian line at Greenwich. Allan Chapman entering Octagon room at Greenwich. Engraving of Octagon room at the National Maritime museum. Early telescope. Pages of calculations and tables. Portrait of Isaac Newton. Newton's manuscript "Philosophicae naturalis principia Mathematica". Portrait Sir Francis Bacon. Gresham college. Volumes of Philosphical transactions. Sketch of the Royal Society. Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton(20'15"-24'15").
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