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This programme is set at the time of the French revolution and how mathematicians lent their talents to the new republic.
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Module code and title: MA290, Topics in the history of mathematics
Item code: MA290; 07
First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Duration: 00:23:59
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Producer: Andrew Barker
Contributors: Jean Dhombras; John Fauvel; Hugh Ross
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): French revolution
Subject terms: Education--France--History--19th century; Mathematics--History--19th century; Monge, Gaspard, 1746-1818; École Polytechnique (Paris);
Footage description: Footage - Paris street signs with names of French mathematicians. Cemetery of Père La Chaise. Gaspard Monge tomb and monument. Le Louvre et la Monnaire. Painting Revolution-tennis court Oath. Painting Prise de la Bastille. Etching of the Fall of the Bastille. Painting La Liberté. Sketch of the facade of the Louvre. Picture of the Institute of France(0'05"-2'33") - John Fauvel inside the library of the Institute of France. 19 volume works of Gaspard De Prony. John Fauvel opening volume containing sine tables. John Fauvel at table with open volume of Gaspard De Prony. Cameo of Adam Smith. John Fauvel turning volume to first page of sine tables. View of 19 volume set on table. Page from one of the volumes. Interior and exterior of amphitheatre at Botanical gardens in Paris. Picture of La Place and La Grange. Internal views inside amphitheatre at Botanical gardens with John Fauvel. Sketch of Joseph Fourier. Interior view of amphitheatre. Sketch of La Grange(2'34"-8'54"). Internal view of amphitheatre with John Fauvel. Stone carving above entrance of amphitheatre at Botanical Gardens. École Polytechnique entrance. Jean Dhambres. Painting of Napoleon at Arcole. Attendance record of the Institute of France with signatures of Napoleon, La Place, Berthollet and Gaspard Monge. Painting Battle of pyramids. Engravings of Pyramids of Memphis and Temple at Carnac. Jean Dhombres(8'55-14'56") - Painting of Napoleon reviewing troops. École Polytechnique. Jean Dhombres. John Fauvel looking at title pages of "The descriptive geometry" by Gaspard Monge,"Elements of geometry" by Le Grange and "Calculus" by La Croix. John Fauvel at table in Library of the École Polytechnique. John Fauvel opening title page of "Celestial mechanics" by La Place(14'57"-19'54") - Graphic animation. John Fauvel by Gaspard Monge's monument. Engraving of "Students at Monges tomb". Stone carving of Gaspard Monge(19'55"-23'59").
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