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This programme looks at the writing of Euclid's Elements 2,300 years ago and its legacy.
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Module code and title: MA290, Topics in the history of mathematics
Item code: MA290; 01; 1988
Recording date: 03-02-1988
First transmission date: 12-03-1988
Published: 1988
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Duration: 00:24:45
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video MA290/1,2,3,4
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Producer: Glan Thomas
Contributor: Graham Flegg
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ancient Greece; Euclid; Eudoxus; Hipporates of Chios; Mathematical proof; Pythagoras; Rhind Papyrus; Thales; Theaetetus; Theon of Alexandria
Subject terms: Mathematics, Ancient; Mathematics, Greek
Footage description: Graham Flegg looking at books 2, 3 and 4. Graham Flegg looking at book 7 - Definitions. Graham Flegg at table on paper demonstrating ratios. Graham Flegg looking at Book 8 - Rational roots: Book 9 - Odd and even numbers. Graham Flegg pushing books 7-9 aside and putting books 5 and 6 to centre of table. Graphic animation. Graham Flegg looking at book 5 - Ratios of magnitudes. Graham Flegg demonstrating on paper ratio of magnitudes. Graham Flegg looking at book 6 - Areas of geometric figures. Graham Flegg pushing books 5 and 6 aside and putting books 11 and 12 to centre of table. Looking at book 11 - Solid 3D geometry. Pages from book 11. Looking at book 12 - Areas and volumes of curved figures. Graphic animation(10'31"-18'47") - Graham Flegg with hand on books 10 and 13. Graham Flegg taking book 10 then book 13 and looking at pages. Graham Flegg with several edition of Euclid's "Elements". Opening 1st edition. Opening 1505 edition. Pages from 1509 edition. Pages from 1st English edition. Pages from 1847 edition by Burn. Looking at first of three volumes from the 1908 edition by Thomas Heath. Manuscript pages D'Orville book one from Bodlein library. 10th century Vatican manuscript from Biblioteca Apostolica. B/w still of Johann Ludvig Heiberg. Papyrus fragment from Mount Holyoke college(18'48"-24'00").
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Production number: FOUM322Y
Videofinder number: 1402
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