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This programme looks at the rhythms used in juggling.
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Module code and title: MU120, Open mathematics
Item code: MU120; 05
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:24:02
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Producer: Pip Surgey
Contributors: Carmen Jackson Pryce; Colin Wright
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Classroom scenes; Juggling
Subject terms: Juggling; Mathematics
Footage description: Footage - Female circus juggler laying down juggling with footballs. Three people juggling with 9 clubs. Man juggling with several clubs (0'21"-0'46") - Man on pogo stick juggling. Woman juggling with skittles. Man bouncing ball on head while juggling with sticks on fire (0'48"-0'58") - Teacher in classroom juggling with 3 balls. Students in class. Teacher standing in front of blackboard. Female student. Teacher standing in front of blackboard (0'59"-1'42") - Colin Wright speaking (1'43"-1'58") - Excerpt from "Record breakers" a juggler attempting juggling record (1'59"-2'33") - Man juggling with balls. Woman juggling with clubs. Two men,one juggling with balls,one juggling with rings. Man juggling with two balls and a chain saw. Man juggling with Devils sticks. Boy using a diablo. Man juggling with plate. Juggling workshop (2'34"-3'43") - Excerpt from "Blue Peter" trio juggling with clubs. Woman balancing on a ball juggling clubs. Man juggling with 3 balls. Girl juggling with clubs. Man juggling with balls by bouncing them on the floor(3'44"-4'17") - Woman in studio juggling with three balls. Mathematical lecture presented by Colin Wright. Different shots from juggling workshop (4'18"-5'38") - Woman in studio juggling 4 balls. Chris Wright speaking. View of juggling workshop closing into boy juggling balls. Chris Wright speaking. Man juggling balls (5'39"-7'00") - Woman in studio juggling 3 balls. Views for workshop. Woman in studio juggling 5 balls. Insets of woman juggling different number of balls (7'01"-10'09") - Boy juggling 3 balls. Man juggling 3 balls. Excerpt from "Record breakers" a 8 club flash (10'10"-10'51") - Women in studio juggling various number of balls (10'52"-11'55") - Excerpt from "Record breakers" juggling 7 torches (10'52"-12'23") - Woman in studio juggling various numbers of balls (12'24"-14'46") - Chris Wright speaking. Woman in studio juggling balls(14'47"-16'13") - Teacher in front of blackboard. Teacher juggling. Students (16'14"-17'07") - Woman in studio (17'08"-20'00") - Chris Wright (20'01"-20'16") - Excerpt from "Tomorrow's world" jugglers (20'17-21'03") - Juggling/dance workshop (21'04"-21'32") - Chris Wright. Excerpt from "Blue Peter" trio juggling clubs. Chris Wright (21'33"-22'58") - Juggling workshop (22'59"-23'26") - Chris Wright juggling. Teacher juggling. Views from workshop. Chris Wright lecture (23'27"-24'01").
Master spool number: DOU8189
Production number: FOUM464D
Videofinder number: 5162
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