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This programme examines the claim that children learn more effectively if they receive pre-school education.
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Module code and title: MDST242, Statistics in society
Item code: MDST242; 03; 1996
First transmission date: 08-06-1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:24:01
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Helen Blank; Helen Taylor; David Weikart; Valerie Lee; Chuck Locurto
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Gender; High/Scope foundation; Holy Cross College; Perry pre-school project; Ypsilanti
Subject terms: Education--Longitudinal studies; Educational statistics; Pre-school education--United States--Detroit--Case studies
Footage description: Footage - Female teacher singing panning out to circle of children singing. Two children shaking hands. Two children hugging. B/w footage children seated on floor. Teacher holds up painting. B/w footage child in trench pulled out by man. B/w footage women in poor kitchen holding baby with child beside her. Children arriving at school with parents passing "Headstart" banner(0'23"-1'19") - Helen Taylor talking. B/w footage of mother and son talking to doctor. Boy is given injection. B/w footage female teacher giving girl tub filled with books. B/w footage children at table doing puzzles. B/w footage children using building block, 2 boys hit floor with planks. B/w footage two girls are given flower by teacher. B/w footage children using mixing bowls. B/w footage boy with dummy wearing fireman'/s helmet. B/w footage female teacher reading to boy(1'20"-2'33") - Detroit street scene with moving train overhead. Man opening shop shutters. Children playing on mound of sand. View of Ypsilanti. Snow covered street. "High scope" sign panning to building. David Weikart. Pre-school children participating in several activities. David Weikart. Moving Yellow school bus. School sign with flashing amber light. Group of parents and children. B/w footage wooden hut with two children on swings outside: girl reading book at desk: teacher reads to two children: children jump off steps of wooden shack: children playing "ring-o-roses": girl carrying bricks in classroom. Girl writing leaning on floor. David Weikart. B/w footage of children. David Weikart. B/w stills teacher seated with boy: Class of children(2'34"-6'43) - Larry Schweinhart. Teacher reading to children. David Weikart. Classroom activities. Larry Schweinhart. Teenagers on school steps. David Weikart. Larry Schweinhart. Teacher and girl playing with water. 2 boys at computer. Teacher with 3 boys constructing railtrack. Man and boy at table. Graphic model(6'44"-12'33") - Chuck Locurto speaking. Children in circle singing. Children shaking hands. Children playing with sand. Larry Schweinhart. Classroom activities. David Weinhart. Teenagers seated in school library. David Weinhart. Graphic model. Teenagers on school steps and in library. David Weinhart(12'34"-18'56") - Children playing in snow. Children on toboggans. two children holding hands. Chuck Locurto. Classroom activities. Helen Blank. Teacher teaching children seated on floor. Valerie Lee. Children using musical instrument. Girl holding tape machine with microphone. Valerie Lee. Children playing in snow. Teacher and children seated in circle on floor. Children playing in the snow(18'57"-24'07").
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Production number: FOUM486Y
Videofinder number: 4904
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