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This programme is a case study of the methods used by manufacturers of compact disc systems to provide quality and reliability of performance.
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Module code and title: MT365, "Graphs, networks and design"
Item code: MT365; 04; 1996
First transmission date: 1995
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:24:04
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Producer: David Saunders
Contributors: Stan Baggen; Frank Bough; Jack Van Lint; Roy Nelson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Binary numbers; Compact Disc; Error correction; Hamming code; Laser scanning; Recording; Reed Solomon code
Subject terms: Compact discs--Standards; Electronic data processing; Engineering design; Information storage and retrieval systems
Footage description: Footage - TV monitor showing Frank Bough reporting on the introduction of CDs on BBC breakfast time March 1983. Roy Nelson opening a case showing a CD. Graphic animation. External shot of Philips research, Netherlands. Roy Nelson inside Philips research laboratory by big disc model. Graphic animation. Different machinery used in CD production. Graphic animation(0'21"-5'02") - Stan Baggen in office with model of servo system with 3 spots. Model of Focus servo. CD spinning on control system. Stan Baggen with stereo system beside him demostrating unencoded CD. Roy Nelson outside University of Eindhoven. Jack van Lint in office with bookshelves in the background interspersed with graphic animation (5'03"-20'04") - CD held by Stan Baggen with a stereo system beside him. Stan Baggen inserting CD into CD player. Graphic animation. Roy Nelson holding a CD in a room with several machines(20'05"-23'20").
Master spool number: DOU8890
Production number: FOUM557W
Videofinder number: 5204
Available to public: no