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This programme deal with the tracking of asteroids which come within the Earth's orbit.
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Module code and title: MST207, "Mathematical methods, models and modelling"
Item code: MST207; 04
Published: 1999
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Duration: 00:29:03
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Producer: Michael Peet
Contributors: David Asher; Ted Bowell; Monica Grady; Alan Harris; Allan I.,1936-2013 Solomon; Don Yeomans
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Asteroid belt; Crater; Dinosaurs; Meteor; Meteorite; Moon; Orbit
Footage description: Footage - Footage from "Day of the Triffids":asteroids in sky:Light flashes around Big Ben:Light flashes around St. Pauls Cathedral. Light flashes over radio telescope. Red flashing lights on control panel. Man operates lever. Man in white coat holding a clipboard looking at control panel. Second man studying control panel. Allan Solomon by edge of crater. Views of crater. Overhead view of meteor crater. View of crater. Allan Solomon at edge of crater. Title(0'21"-2'20") - Animation of asteroids in space. Inside Lunar module with view of Moon throught windows. B/w footage of astronauts on the Moon. B/w footage of Moon's surface. Monica Grady with still of Moon craters in background. Footage from Horizon's "Death of the dinosaur". Meteor crater. Footage of Anna Ford "BBC six o'clock news". Animated footage from Horizon's "Asteroids in space". Animated footages from "Asteroids over Earth". B/w still of Copernicus crater on Moon. Map of Caribbean sea showing Mexico. Animation. Dinosaur bones. Animation from "Death of Dinosaurs". Dinosaur skull. Asteroid and planet. Asteroids in space. Monica Grady. Teton fireball moving across cloudy blue sky. Fireball against night sky. Don Yeomans(2'21"-06'36") - Allan Solomon and Jocelyn Bell Burnell looking at ancient illustration from "Harmonia Macrocosmica" by Andreas Cellarius. Allan Solomon and Jocelyn Bell Burnell looking at "representation of Solar system according to Copernicus". Jocelyn Bell Burnell with book shelves in background. "Harmonica Macrocosmica" on table(06'37"-8'01") - Computer animation. Panorama of Edinburgh to the Royal observatory. Allan Solomon and Jocelyn Bell Burnell beside telescope inside observatory. Animation of asteroid approaching Earth(8'02"-9'05") - Sign "Lowell Observatory" with trees in background. Allan Solomon and Ted Bowell walking into an observatory with Schmit telescope. Ted Bowell using remote control to move telescope. Gear wheels turning. External view of observatory and telescope. Allan and Ted. Animation(9'56"-13'49") - Allan Solomon and Ted Bowell in dimly lit room beneath telescope looking at computer screen. Man extracting file Royal observatory Edinburgh library. Man looking at computer screen. Close up of data. P/c of data. David Asher and Allan Solomon looking at still of plate. Ted Bowell(13'50"-17'55") - Allan Solomon at edge of crater. JPL sign and buildings. Don Yeomans with man on computer in background. Paul Chodas at computer. Allan and Steve Ostro looking at radar image of asteroid. Allan Solomon and Alan Harris by Pool table. Missile launched. Newspaper articles about 97XF11. Allan and Paul by computer(17'56"-20'27") Don Yeomans. Dinosaur bones. Animation. 2 small rodents. Ted Bowell(20'28"-29'00").
Master spool number: DOU9572
Production number: FOUM600H
Videofinder number: 5784
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