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This video compilation consists of the following Bands: Algebra workout - rearranging formulas; Algebra workout - square roots; Visualising conics; Algebra workout - trigonometry; Visualising isome...tries; Algebra workout - the binominal theorum; Algebra workout - finding matrix transformations; Algebra workout - eigenvectors; Weaving spirals; Integration; Complex numbers
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Module code and title: MS221, Exploring mathematics
Item code: MS221; VCR1; 2001
First transmission date: 2001
Published: 2001
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Duration: 02:45:02
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Algebra workout - rearranging formulas
Track 2 Algebra workout - square roots
Track 3 Visualising conics
Track 4 Algebra workout - trigonometry
Track 5 Visualising isometries
Track 6 Algebra workout - the binominal theorum
Track 7 Algebra workout - finding matrix transformations
Track 8 Algebra workout - eigenvectors
Track 9 Weaving spirals
Track 10 Integration
Track 11 Complex numbers
Producer: Michael Peet
Contributors: Alan Borthwick; John Fauvel; Francesca Hunt; Sallyann Keizer; Eric Love; Phil Rippon; Christine Shiu; Mike Simpson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Problem solving
Master spool number: DOU10605
Production number: FOUM648A
Videofinder number: 7155
Available to public: no